Teen Gets ‘Two Years for One Joint’

Mitchell Lawrence is serving a two year prison sentence for the heinous crime of not only selling pot (Gasp!), but doing it within 1,000 feet of a school (Double Gasp!!). The government will spend close to $100,000 to incarcerate this horrible criminal for a non-violent, victimless act. Meanwhile, your friendly police continue to get away with committing violent crimes against innocent civilians. Apparently the only individuals they “Serve and Protect” are those profiting from the illegality of certain drugs.

The Drug Policy Alliance released a movie about the situation:

  1. While I agree with the pettiness of the crime, the cops are not the people to blame here. They are doing their job as layed out the Federal government. If you are angry at someone over marijuana legality/harshness of the sentance, it is the Fed gov’t, the FDA, and the courts.

  2. “They are doing their job as layed out the Federal government.”

    “I was following orders…”

    Isn’t that what the defendants at the Nuremburg Trials said?

  3. Cliff,

    FYI, the cops don’t make the laws, nor do they hand down the sentances.

    Equating a cop busting a pot smoker with a Nazi war criminal is, at best, intellectually dishonest.

    The government and the courts are far more culpable than the police.

  4. This story is about a state law that was broken; the “crime” was prosecuted by the state, Ron. What the hell does this have to do with the Federal government? Even in those comparably small cases of Federal drug law enforcement, those cops are to blame as they have taken an oath to the Constitution which prohibits drug arrests by omission. But in either jurisdiction your justification claims they have no choice in the matter and any law the government passes must be enforced without question. As laws become more and more immoral, the more decent among law enforcement will choose to ignore infractions. Police already fail to enforce laws consistently using their discretion in all manner of situations, from traffic violations to small amounts of drug possession.

  5. The government and the courts are far more culpable than the police.

    What?! Have the police suddenly been privatized? If not, they are the government. The legislature, law enforcement and prosecutors are simply three arms of the same state. There would be no laws without enforcement, and no prosecution without arrest.
    Granted, the enforcement of drug laws in general is cruel and predatory, but discretion does exist and the excuse that police are forced to put people in cages for victimless crimes does ring quite Nazi-like.

  6. Good video! My heart goes out to the victim and his family.
    I think it is very dishonest and cruel for an undercover cop to engage in the solicitation of drugs and prostitutes(esp for 1 joint). I agree that it is unjust and uncompassionate and a COMPLETE WASTE of taxpayer money.

  7. 20 years ago, I was stopped at a traffic stop with a small amount of marijuana, but more than 2 joints, and the marijuana was dumped out on the ground and I received a warning. I was not arrested or detained beyond the stop.

    Back then, the cops excercised reasonable judgement in spite of the drug war and did not arrest me. I would venture to say that if this happened now the consequences would be much worse.

    Why can’t LEO’s exercise discretion now when it comes to minor infractions?

  8. “The drug war has arguably been the single most
    devastating, dysfunctional, harmful social policy since slavery.”

    – Norm Stamper, former Seattle Police Chief (LEAP Speaker)

  9. Wanna hear silly? A buddy of mine was at a concert in Cincinnati when a guy in line asked if he had an rolling papers. He of course asked why you got somthing to put in it? He said he did and my buddy told him he only had a pipe but, he could use it if he could have a little. They went around the corner and when he pulled out the pipe the undercover cop busted him for parafinalia(sic). Thank god his friend had the weed back in line. To top it off it was a Sting concert. Good use of manpower busting stoners at a Sting concert you know how rowdy those fuckers can get.

  10. thats bs. ive known quite a few cops and they all had at their descretion wether to let someone go or incarcerate them. Cops can for sure tear up parking tickets, or deal with them, as my friends dad used to nullify all my parking tickets for me. I have been busted with weed in canada and the cops – both times – made me throw it down a nearby sewer grate. This is the difference between us and canadian drug policies.

  11. cops are a bunch of idiots who resign moral and logic to obey another bunch of idiots that rule with the privilege of distancing themselves of the brutality they produce.
    lets stop saying the cops are not guilty, is like saying that you cant blame a torturer in the holocaust because they where just following orders.
    Not questioning authority and resigning to moral and logic it´s stupid and evil.

  12. cops exercising “reasonable judgement” cliff? i was stopped on my waty to work at the state capitol for 21mph over the speed limit, thus making it a felony and an criminal act requiring jail-time if convicted. the speed? 51 in a 30, in a 2005 porshe. “reasonable judgement” would assume that a 2005 porshe can EASILY handle 51, criminal or not. could i have recieved a ticket with 50, thus non-criminal? probably. The pig was more interested in making me a criminal, on the way to work at the state capitol, then not per the various statements he made. the law HAS to be specific because cops can not exercise “resonable judgement”

  13. cops exercising “reasonable judgement” cliff? i was stopped on my waty to work at the state capitol for 21mph over the speed limit, thus making it a felony and an criminal act requiring jail-time if convicted. the speed? 51 in a 30, in a 2005 porshe. “reasonable judgement” would assume that a 2005 porshe can EASILY handle 51, criminal or not. could i have recieved a ticket with 50, thus non-criminal? probably. The pig was more interested in making me a criminal, on the way to work at the state capitol, then not per the various statements he made. the law HAS to be specific because cops can not exercise “resonable judgement”.

  14. Cops DO NOT have the discretionary power they had 25+ years ago. A lot has changed in law enforcement. It is possible for a cop to be arrested himself for failing to obey the laws that direct him to arrest.

    I am not saying it is right, just that it is the way it is.

    If you have a problem with drug enforcement, blame the lawmakers and voters for voting them in, not the cops for enforcing laws that many of them disagree with themselves.

    As for me, I am all for legalizing ALL drugs and not requiring permission through prescriptions to purchase them.

  15. My mother is 76 years old and never condoned drug use. I once asked her what she thought of the war on drugs and she replied; “Its a joke, just another way for the Government to make money off of people, I don’t do drugs but this is no different than Prohibition, that didn’t work either.” MY mother also said the war on drugs has the same effect prohibition had IT MADE THINGS WORSE!!!!!

  16. watch the movie grass and understand the hierocracy. Shit this was legal for a while. I guess if enough people get thrown into jail they might change the law. Or angry parents will make them. Bloody hell this is sooooo stupid.

    I just don’t understand how cigarettes, the only legal product that when used as directed kills you, is okay and pot isn’t. The only health problem I see is the inhaling of smoke. Easy fix, mix bake eat. DONE.

    And yeah blame the judge not the cops. They get a maindate to do this and that. The judge could have suspended the sentence. EASY. “Son I’m not going to send you to jail and ruin your life, this time. But do this shit again and bam it’s jail for you”.

    It’s a waste

  17. “98% of people arrested in ‘Drug-Free School Zones’ weren’t selling drugs to kids.”

    Of course, they were selling to police instead.

    Seriously though, that may be a harsh penalty, but it isn’t undeserved. If you know you are breaking the law, it is your responsibility to know the consequences. Doesn’t matter if the punishment doesn’t befit the crime. Commit crimes responsibly and intelligently. Either you minimize your risk of arrest, or you accept your failures peaceably and honestly.

  18. There is something said which is that of: use of marijuana mimics a troubled stance type of mental health disorder: Schizophrenia. The evidence isn’t conclusive, yet deems provocation to sustain a “hands-off” policy with our impressionable teen-agers!

  19. the biggest crime here is $20 bucks for one joint! He was tryin to rip off the cop. but joking aside, that is bullshit. They’re not even looking for real criminals or drug lords anymore, now they just wanna make an example of people so that it looks bad…

  20. I strongly encourage everyone who is interested in reform to visit the LEAP website. They are a group of former cops who are against prohibition and are speaking out against it. The organization is only 4 yrs old and has already grown from 6 members to over 5,000! Visit their website at http://www.leap.cc The more people that hear that COPS ARE AGAINST THE DRUG WAR, the better. Please let everyone you can know about the website, parents and politicians dont listen to potheads, they listen to cops!

  21. America the land of the Free…don’t make me laugh

    I thank god everyday (if I believed in him) that I don’t live in America.You Americans have my sympathy that this boy can be jailed for this is just unbelievable.Over here in Holland we are light years ahead of the darkness that is spreading from the white house at the moment in our treatment of drug users.These are our friends brothers and fellow citizens they don’t need criminalising for those that abuse drugs they need our help not our condemnation.

    I only hope that one day you Americans are pushed just too far and realise what is happening to your own citizens.Use your votes to change this please quick before the sickness spreads beyond the USA

  22. This just keeps happening…these tazer guns are a obvious risk, as obvious as this failed ‘drug war’. From old ladys being shocked and killed to little boys as young as 6. How can people think 50,000 volts wont kill a person? Theres something wrong there…

  23. BTW, what is it 90% of people in jails are for non-violent crimes? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! And stop letting the government pull a hitler and brainwash you. The freedoms we USED to have, where great. Now everyday our freedoms and being destroyed.

  24. Marijuana was always legal until a while ago, and so was cocaine, why? cause of the black market and losses in revenue, i piss on the federal government’s grave.

  25. Slowly yet surely, the governemnt is gripping us tighter, and yet we do nothing. Whatever happened to the democracy, being powered by the people. It’s not powered by the people if the people aren’t doing anything! I live in australia, so I don’t understand the full intensity of what the american people are going through, because the drug laws aren’t AS bad over here, but america…..SOMEHOW….has a massive influence on australia. I don’t know why we follow their footsteps.

    As Orissacube said before, “Use your votes to change this please quick before the sickness spreads beyond the USA”

  26. police are not to blame …?
    so u telling the american army are not to blame for invading the country ! and so on.

    Come on anyone control by the government can make a change !!!!

    the cops army ! name it !!! they don’t care theyjust love what they are doing thats why when they get stress with their job ! they beat up ppl ! look at what happen in iraq, only ppl like us will say innoncent ! but for them it isn’t ! cause they are so damn stress !!! just like the cops !!!!

  27. Essentially, governments and the police are the same thing. It’s called a state. To say a cop has no jurisdiction over the law is like saying Santa Claus doesn’t decide who’s been naughty or nice because he only hands out the presents. My point is it’s not a simple matter so why try to bring it down to a simple all encompasing theory? I’m sorry the Nazi metaphor stands. It stands becuase it describes human behaviour as it will always be in a natural sense. Humans do stuff they dont like then to live with it they say it wasn’t their choice. You can’t ever defend someone who had no other choice. It’s just completely unfalsifiable

  28. For anyone who uses the “it was illegal and he knew it, and therefore shouldnt have done it” argument, you fail to see the VERY strong resemblence to the Nazi-like way of thinking this represents. To convict a person so severely for selling a medicinal drug to someone is not unlike the Nazi convictions of the Jewish people for simlply being themselves. No sane human being would go along with their judgement and say “they knew it was illegal, therefore they shouldnt have done it.”

    Perhaps anyone who supports these convictions should read up on the facts about marijuana, and its legal counterparts (cigarettes, alchohol etc.), and then investigate the consequences of misuse of each substance. This should shead some light on the clearly apparent inequalities towards marijuana users.

    Also, for some… interesting facts about marijuana (hemp) visit this website. It might shead some light onto why this happens for the intuitive among us: http://www.cannabis.com/untoldstory/#INDEX

  29. That’s rediculous. Yea the punishment is a bit harsh, but the man was selling pot. They are putting down the goverment, say what they did was wrong because a kid smoked an illicit drug. Don’t flame me because I’m defending the police, I agree the sentence is a bit harsh, but he deserves something, selling is worse than smoking. He shold quit whining and accept the fact that what he did was wrong.

  30. I am a friend of Mitchell’s and let set some facts straight. Mitchell was NOT a dealer. He wouldn’t even sell to his friends! He had just ridden his bike 20 miles to town and was STARVING. The undercover cop walked up to him and asked if he had any pot and offered him $20 for a joint. So he figured why not since it was 4x the price and it would allow him to have some food in his stomach for the day. He was a good student and a good kid that NEVER got in any trouble. This was his FIRST offence. Yes he should have been punished since he did sell pot this time but not 2 YEARS in jail and a felony charge for LIFE! Come on people, this is WAY TOO HARSH! He knows he did something wrong and illegal but the sentence should fit the crime, and in this case, IT DOESN’T! The DA showed no discretion on this case and he could have. Do a little research on this case and visit http://www.ccaj.org before you make ridiculous statements.

  31. That LEAP website says “LEAP believes that a system of regulation and control of production and distribution will be far more effective and ethical that one of prohibition.”
    Is this not just as bad?
    The only way having a stance (good or bad) on recreational drug usage can benefit the goverment is if it makes them money, and the goverment having any say so in recreational activities is wrong and bad and restriction of freedom, they can parade about saying they are trying to reduce crime or addiction, but it is NOT a goverment’s place to interfere with the personal activities of its citizens.
    Whether is it criminalized or they are trying to tax it, it is disrespectful of our personal liberty and freedom as individuals and directly interferes with our pursuit of happiness. Our government is bullying us around when they need to leave us alone; just like a busibody with nothing to do but harrass others, when they should be improving our quality of life and freedom of choice.

  32. Thats why I am damn proud to live in Canada. Here weed just gets confiscated or thrown out, same with underage drinkin…pretty much

  33. This is one of the many reasons that the USA sucks. With laws like these.. it will only be a matter before you too break the rules and are sent up the river to piss away years of your life for a minor infraction of something that should not be against the law in the first place.

    Some people say smoking pot can kill. So can speeding. Should someone who drives 35 in a 30 zone be imprisoned for years? How many of you have never broken the speed limit or rolled through a stop sign.

    Get a grip folks…

    This is complete bullshit.

  34. The government claims to be saving us from marijuana by making it illegal. While i personally believe marijuana to be safe, lets say for arguments sake that it isn’t. Great, ok, then by the same reasoning the following should also be illegal…

    Race Car Driving,
    Fast Food (think ridiculous savings to health care costs),
    Long work weeks (stress kills),
    Mountain Dew (too much caffeine can cause a heart attack in some people much as marijuana may possibly bring about schizophrenia in some people),

    I think you can see where im going here…drug laws are completely illogical

  35. 2 years – that’s it?

    It’s simple – If it’s illegal – don’t sell the dang thing
    Especially near the school.

  36. The USA is being ruled by Christine’s and most of them are money hungry jack asses that care nothing about the people. If I could make a change, a change so big that it would take 10 years before they could reverse it. By doing something that would take so long to reverse they would have to move forward with it, and deal!

    1. All cars must run on batteries
    2. Pot would be legal to anyone 21 and older, but will have the same laws as alcohol had
    3. Alcohol can only be consumed in a home, and that person can not leave the home until sober.
    3. Anyone can live in the USA with a full background check.
    4. Any person working for the USA attempting to steal, lie or de-fraud anyone or any thing will serve a minimum of 10 years in prison.
    5. No one shall serve time if only injuring them selves.

  37. The USA is being ruled by Christine’s and most of them are money hungry jack asses that care nothing about the people. If I could make a change, a change so big that it would take 10 years before they could reverse it. By doing something that would take so long to reverse they would have to move forward with it, and deal!

    1. All cars must run on batteries
    2. Pot would be legal to anyone 21 and older, but will have the same laws as alcohol had
    3. Alcohol can only be consumed in a home, and that person can not leave the home until sober.
    3. Anyone can live in the USA with a full background check.
    4. Any person working for the USA attempting to steal, lie or de-fraud anyone or any thing will serve a minimum of 10 years in prison.
    5. No one shall serve time if only injuring them selves.

  38. To begin police can use their discretion when making any arrest of course the bigger the crime the harder it would and the more people involved the harder it becomes. That said not all that many years ago my friend and I were pulled over in New Jersey. We had some weed and I had my bowl. The cop after assesing that we wern’t even high yet made use toss our stuff into the woods and let us be on our way. That takes care of my discretion argument. As for government of the posts I’ve read people wanna place the blame on local and state governments. Your basing your conclusions on faulty assumptions. Once the arrest has been made and the case goes to court judges are forced to hand out strict sentences. This is the federal governments doing not state or local. For further info do a search on Federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws that is the one of the major underlying problems as far as sentencing of drug crimes is concerned.

  39. In America they should not put candles on the steps of the court house, they should burn the courts. The mafia and those who are paid by them, were tzhe only people who profited from the Volstead Act in the twenty´s, they are also benefiting from the Marijuana laws introduced in the thirties. Because of the huge profits made by the chemical giants around the world, it will take a hell of a time before Hanf can be grown as a natural product, you may never live to see the day when it wil be once again a natural drug for many ailments as well as amusement. It all has to do with Money, but only for your bosses.

  40. Marijuana should be legal. It’s as simple as that. It’s a vital part of American history. George Washington grew weed as President, it’s written in his journal. Not only that, but the police spend way to much time and the government spends too much money trying to catch harmless weed dealers when they should be focusing their attention on busting REAL criminals, like murderers or people that are actually harmful. But the fact is, police would rather bust weed dealers because its a hell of a lot easier for them then busting REAL criminals. Its not a matter of whether the police say they’re just following orders because they’re happy as hell that those orders exist.

  41. LMAO!! GOOD – I’m glad that punked got locked up! It’s illegal buddy, and it fucks with your head and your health. Take that shit elsewhere!! This video made me laugh so much. “Poor, innocent drug dealer Lawrence – his only crime dealing drugs” WTF?? Get a paper round next time!!!

  42. Serves him right. IMHO it should only be a 1 year sentence. Hopefully this will deter others from buying and selling marijuana.

  43. Should marijuana be illegal – NO

    Was the sentence excessive – YES

    Should people be allowed to break the law just because they disagree with it – HELL NO

    You disagree with a law you then moaning and whining all day won’t make the slightest bit of difference. If you want your voice to be heard then you need to vote for someone who truly represents your opinion.

    I feel sorry for the guy, I really do, but sitting round here arguing whether the cops or the governement is to blame is a waste of time cos the simple fact of the matter is you are all to blame for both putting these people in power and leaving them there.

    You have a vote, use it.

    You don’t like someone who’s in power, then use your freedom of speech and make sure that everybody knows it so that they don’t stay in power long.

    We are the people.
    We are the country.
    Make your voice heard and make sure everybody knows it.

  44. Why the hell is it… that everyone sounds so vindicated at the thought of a pot dealer being caught. What the hell have they done to you?

    You redneck narrow minded dicks… thrive on it because it makes you feel big, important, and of course ‘right’. This above all in your world is what matters first.

    Well you know what… POT could probably ease your Chemo treatments… or your glacoma, or your bone cancer… but… because Jethro over there wants to feel self important… well… I guess you’re just fucked. Sucks to be you.

    Meanwhile… the rest of us pot smoking fuckers… will just keep bying or growing our own… just like you Beer swilling fucks did during the prohibition.

    Good day.

  45. Law is the law i dont think its legal to sell drugs anywhere is it?
    no bang this retard up for life

  46. I’m glad to hear it. No, seriously, I’m not even joking. I am glad he’s going to be imprisoned for 1) dealing and 2) dealing in the vicinity of a school. I put my kids safety above the quality of life of this fellow who clearly has chosen the path for his life.

  47. Everyone who thinks this kid got what he deserved is an ignorant hick. This is injustice. I have a friend who got to graduate early because he got caught selling pot ON campus. Is it justice when one guy gets off free and another gets 2 years? It is power-hungry asshole politicians and fat judges that allow this shit to take place in our nation. Most of you are ignorant to the fact that most kids are the distributors of weed. This is because weed is illegal and adults actually have something to lose by getting caught. If you want kids off weed then you must legalize the harmless substance. You know how gangsterism was stopped the first time? We abolished prohabition. If only our country was not run by a bunch of ass-lickers whose only concern was to put a smile on the 60 year-old farts who actually take the time to vote for a monkey over a pickle, maybe we could all shut the fuck up, chill out, and put some sense back into our higher-than-thou heads-up-our asses country.

  48. @supporter
    It’s legal to sell drugs in plenty of places in this world. You lack of confidence in your rediculous statement only expresses your true ignorence possibly stemming from the fact that you are a) underage or b) have never left your hometown. Wait until you have a kid and some asshole state puts him in jail for selling weed to a cop who is illegally soliciting himself as a buyer.

  49. So for anyone who posted saying this was a good thing, your ignorance supersedes you. Read the book called (the emperor wears no clothes), this might give you some base from which you can truly use to form a opinion of your own, and not the one that has been force fed to you. EDUCATE YOURSELF, and you will help educate everyone else. If you spend sometime researching what your going to comment about then you could probably figure out that not every law that ever gets passed has been beneficial to you as the citizen. Prohibition is one example. There are many others. The funniest thing is that out of all the comments, the people that said this is a good thing, said this only because this was the law. Unlike when we needed laws against drinking and driving, there were always mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters, who had in someway been victims by loosing someone to this legal substance. Yet this isn’t the case with pot. America has a bigger problem with prescriptions than pot!!

  50. nglzu This is for you you uninformed fukwit, its bollox talking about your kids saftey above this lad,.I would put plenty dollars against the fact that the shit you eat and drink and shovel down your kids throats will fuck em quicker than ganja could ever,and because your a lawmakers ass licker your not even aware of it.do some real research or shut the fuck up.LOVE FROM A GANJA SMOKER OF OVER 25 YEARS WHO ISNT DEAD RATHER ALIVE AND KICKIN YOUR ASS SUCKER

  51. Lol I say he was stupid in the first place for selling in front of a school of all things. This has nothing to do with him getting 2 years, he shouldn’t of been selling in front of a school…

    On a real side note though, the most degradive(sp?) drug is legal…alcohol is worse than crack, weed, heroine, cocaine, and all those other drugs. Working in a hospital really proves this fact. Albeit all those other drugs are more addictive, but alcohol will kill you faster. And for those who are asking yes you can od on alcohol.

  52. What an isanely messed up country,changes need to happen or the world as we know it is over!How can such a thing happen,a young man’s life destroyed!

  53. The only reason marijuana is ilegal is because it is impossible to tax as everyone can grow it in their own home,its the corporations pulling the strings as they cannot possibly make any money off something that anybody can produce.If someone chooses to smoke weed its their body,their choice.Alcohol is taxable so therefore legal similar to tobacco which are far more dangerous than weed.These laws are passed & enforced for a reason so the door is left open for the “legal” drug manufacturers to make cash.Please dont be so naive in thinking your government cares about you,its only goal is making money.The American government uses scare tactics& propoganda to make the masses belive what they want them to,BRAINWASHING!!!It goes alot deeper and the key to change is eduction read,uncover the truth because the only ones that suffer are you,….the people!!! (READ THE HALLIBURTON AGENDA,THE IRON TRIANGLE BY DAN BRIODY) The truth will set you free

  54. Welcome to America where you dont have to answer for your poor actions and then cry about it when you actually get to serve time because you found out to late that there are consequences to poor choices in life. I’m sorry but, if you are going to sell drugs to kids then you deserve what you get. I realise that the crime’s punishment was a bit harsh but, he was in a school zone and selling drugs is a crime. Time to put the tissues away and realise if you dont want to do the time dont do the crime.

  55. stinkyuk
    Marijuanna has 3 to 5 times the tar that tobbaco does, it has 400 chemicals in it that are not good for the human body, you will also dump 4 times more tar into your lungs because of this. Pot has not had the studies done on it that Tobacco has and more than likely would show it is just as dangerous as tobacco because it has more chemicals in it and has more tar. Let us not forget the fact that you tend to hold the smoke in your lungs for longer periods of time and the brain deterioration when it comes to memory.

    If you want to smoke your life away that is fine but, lets be real here, this drug is no better and no worse than heroine, alchohol or crack. All of these drugs destroy life. In the end all people use drugs or alchohol for is an escape mechanism from reality. Why do we run from reality? Why do we need to? These are 2 questions people should be asking instead of saying oh this law is to harsh yada yada yada.

  56. bbeeaann
    did you read the story. He did not sell it to kids, to a undercover officer, who entrapped this kid. The kid shouldn’t sell drugs, but two years, come on. As in previous posts about this, I think that the officer could have had a more positive effect on this kid by dealing with the altercation right there and then, just my opinion though. And as far as your facts about marijuana, where do they come from, and after you read the government issued pamphlets, do you look for contradictory evidence. There is much. Not even talking about pot, but take hemp, and look at the possibilities. And finally POT is NOT (heroine, alchohol or crack).

  57. For all the people saying pot screws with your brain…

    What do you think alcohol does? It not only screws with your brain, it also messes up your liver and it CAN KILL YOU if you drink too much!!

  58. “Why do we run from reality? Why do we need to? These are 2 questions people should be asking instead of saying oh this law is to harsh yada yada yada”


    Why do we turn on the t.v. or go to the movies? Is that “real”? When you pick up a Robert Ludlum book, or whoever it is that you enjoy reading, is the world contained within these pages “real”? When you relax after a long day’s work with a newspaper and a glass of wine, is the heady buzz that you feel from the liquor “wrong”? THESE are the questions you should ask yourself. I will not address your erronious statements concerning the potential physical and mental harm caused by cannabis, as there are plenty of websites cited above that can do a much better job than I. The electricity generated to power the very computers we are typing on release more harmful toxins into our bodies (via the atmosphere) than recreational smoking, and yet we would be outraged if non-computer users tried to prohibit their use.

  59. Another thing I’d like to address is the debate concerning the responsibility of the police officers in this situation. I’ve seen many analogies above, comparing officers to Nazis and the like. You must be very careful when using analogies, as the circumstances concerning the situations presented are seldom identical, or even close. You cannot compare Nazis and police officers, as what the Nazi’s did (murder millions of people) is a CLEAR violation of countless human rights and obviously morally despicable, whereas the issues surrounding marijuana use’s potential harm (if any) are a much foggier issue. You cannot tell a police officer, “You should have disobeyed your orders because they are obviously a crime against humanity, because that simply isn’t true.” They COULD (and I believe they are) be a crime against society and an infringement of our guaranteed social rights, but it is not a cut and dried issue as is the taking of human life en masse.

  60. I prefer the “arm of the government” analogy more, as it is a more accurate reflection of the truth. Police officers as “arms” don’t make the laws, they inforce them. Do we put the arms of a serial killer on trial for killing a victim? The arms say “we were just following orders!” It is not the arms of the killer that are to blame, it is the head, the MIND. The mind is made of millions of individual cells that work together to form cognitive thought, to make decisions and act on them. This country is made of millions of individual minds that work together to form a society, to make decisions and act on them. WE are the cause of the problem! WE are the government! If the lawmakers in Washington pass down legislation we do not agree with, it is OUR responsibility as a people to stand up and say NO, this is not right! Writing letters and muttering behind closed doors is not enough. If EVERY person who believed in the freedom of choice concerning cannabis use walked out of work

  61. and lined the steps of their local city halls, this country would shut down! It is my estimation that there would be more Americans taking to the streets than NOT, and the social change would be monumental. Perhaps Washington would realize that when it comes to our rights and our freedoms, we will not stand for political hedging and bandstanding. We will not stand for the same tired rhetoric to be thrown in our faces again and again! A 10 year old can figure out that alcohol, a LEGAL drug, is FAR more harmful than cannabis. Our lawmakers know it, and everyone just sits by while innocent people get hurt. Prohibition advocates will tell you that there is “insufficent research” on the long-term effects of cannabis! HA! What about the slew of commercial pharmaceuticals we see hitting the market each day? Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, bleeding from the rectum, etc. and yet THEY are legal! What are the side effects of cannabis?! “Boy-howdy, I sure am hungry!”

  62. Yeah two years is prison is really gonna kill the guy. Maybe it will be a learning experience for his buttox.

  63. I don’t think the reference’s to the police being the same as nazi’s were based on the crimes. In that circumstance the kid would be the nazi. I believe everyone who made that comparison was probably coming from the absent mindedness, shown by both the officers and the nazi’s both.

  64. If I could be anything in the world when I grow up – It would be a hemp farmer.

    Seriously now folks. Lets take a look at the situation. For All those in favour of criminalizing marijuana and hemp. Do yourself and the world a favour – go get a gun and pull the trigger… Don’t forget to aim at yourself.

    The world until the 1900’s was built on HEMP. History has shown it, and the books that aren’t written by government prove it. In the US u could pay your taxes with it. The first bible was printed on it and some say Jesus annointed people with Hemp oil.

    The cure for the world is HEMP – or as government would conclude HEMP/MARIJUANA. U can read the book “the emporer wears no clothes” at http://www.jackherer.com/chapters.html a very interesting book with many facts.

    As for a 2 year sentence. What better way to control the people than to instill fear into those that smoke marijuana and the possibilty of going to jail. The truth is out there is u seek it…


  65. I have to make one more post in case there are some really stupid people visiting this site…

    Hemp / Marijuana must stay illegal for if it got out Corporations would have to switch their whole entire production to hemp. Hemp has the ability to wipe out almost every sector of industry we have today.

    Corporations in some manner control politicians. Lets state facts here… I am sure DuPont pays quite well for who they want elected. All you have to do is watch 24 to see that.

    Anyways… I guess I will wear a cotton shirt that uses tons pesticides and herbicides that is an inferior product to hemp clothes that does not require any chemiclas to produce… that is just one example.

    Stop listening to the bullshit u see on tv or what the government and corps sell to you and open your eyes and see the truth. Ask the ??’s that are required rather than just accepting everything.

    Or say to hell with it live in your little bubble and be the sheep they want you to be.

  66. Update to #2 TASER death in Lafayette, Colorado:

    “The shock from a police officer’s stun gun combined with a heart anomaly and physical exertion to kill a 22-year-old Boulder man suspected of growing marijuana, the Boulder County Coroner’s Office said Thursday.”
    Daily Camera, Friday, Sept. 15, 2006

    The family is disputing the heart anomaly and even if the autopsy was on the correct heart.

  67. The american government realizes that prohibition doesn’t work so strong arm tactics is their only weapon along with lies and mis-information. keep up the good work George W. Sidearm. P.S. Stephen Colbert only scratched the surface of Georges “shining armor”

  68. Im sick of america’s drug policy, Its stupid. Specially considering that marijuana is now being known as a medecine more then a narcotic, And also, Why does america’s drug policy have to spread like a mass fucking plague?, It seems BC is going down because of america. And I could only imagine who the “suits” are trying to convince now. Seriously people, If we dont have a revolution here, “The war on drugs” is gonna turn into a massacre on stoners world wide, I mean… Its just a prediction, Assuming america doesnt destroy itself, With all the tension we have between the people and the government, Gas prices go up? Imagrants are felons now, And Wow… Not a surprise, People nation wide are getting arrested for what, A fuckin 5 bag. Heh, Some “war on drugs” When they got the government backin em here. And not just any government, The american Government, So, Revolution Or people should just start leaving. Like a mass migration, To a much more leneant country, Like… Holland

  69. Every injustice will be accounted. This is a sad story, we all must admit. There may be a few people out there who somehow rationalize this sort of tyranny and horror. Call it Nazi-like, call it what you will, this is pure in your face injustice. From the lowly (well paid)undercover cop trying to buy a joint measly joint to the state and federal legislators who have participated in this injustice will by default be guilty in any real court. Hopefully, someday justice will be served to these poor sad creatures who insist upon rationalizing blatant tyranny.