Tamara Millay to Run for Congress

It looks like former Libertarian Vice Presidential hopeful Tamara Millay is planning to run for congress in Missouri’s 2nd District. For those who don’t recall, Millay lost to Richard Campagna at the 2004 Libertarian Party National Convention in Atlanta. A significant reason for her loss in the nomination race was a promise made by the Campagna crew to donate over $200,000 (mostly in pledges and in-kind contributions). The best data I saw indicates less than 1/20th of that amount actually surfaced.

Tam blogs (every once in a while) at HoT and I know she’s working on a article for the site right now. Her hubby Thomas Knapp is no stranger to the libertarian movement or the libernet.

Good luck with your race, Tam. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your website when its completed.

Stephen Gordon

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