Tackling Mr. Anti-Freedom from Truth.com

Richard Darge vs Truth.com

Snagged from Reason.com (which has more links to tobacco stuff, natch) comes this parody ad of those lame truth.com commercials. Richard Darge shows us what he envisions would happen when one smoker stands on his own crate and defies the loud megaphone blaring activist with his own retorts. Well… let’s just say that smoking doesn’t kill this guy, Truth.com does.

Link to hi-res QT vid on richard-darge.com
Link to low-res vid on YouTube

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I thought it was decent, could have been better. Check out the H&R comments on this. I like someone’s suggestion…

    “I’d prefer to see libertarian Truth parody ads that shed light on the two-party system.” – Jeff P.

    Hmmm, how about we make that one of LibertyMix’s own little pet projects. Humor goes a long way, just think of the amount of traffic that could be driven to http://www.libertymix.com or here for that matter.

  2. Wow, is HD beautiful or what? Look at some of Darge’s other vids, just amazing resolution and color.

    Video production is well within anyone’s grasp today. There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be good Libertarian video content. It’s the distribution that’s the tricky part..

  3. You still have to draw attention to it. The internet makes the distribution simple, perhaps I should have used the term “marketing”.

  4. And then there are those that know nothing about video but find internet marketing simple.

  5. I thought the LPs mascot was a penguin. The FSPs mascot is the porcupine. Anyway, do parties really give themselves mascots?

  6. The gun parody in this commercial is really representative of what we are up against. The anti-smokers essentially are leading this country to turn millons of good citizens into criminals just because the smoke.

    Eventually they will have to do something with those people who can’t quit. So this might be a good time to get into the concentration camp construction business to hold the millions of “Convicted Tabacco Addicts”.


  7. I have been getting frustrated lately with the resolution of youtube stuff and with all the skipping in the videos. YouTube is cool, but Veoh blows them away. I think YouTube is good for sharing short videos, Veoh is for broadcasting full screen high definition videos. All of the tools of YouTube with none of the restrictions.

    Check out this video I founds on it. I think it’s pretty funny.