TABC Spokesbureaucrat’s Interview!

TABCSorry to those of you who tried to tune in to our live feed tonight, we had some technical difficulties that prevented you from tuning in to our stream during the first segment. Anyway, I had originally planned to have TABC spokesbureaucrat Carolyn Beck on for about 30 minutes, but she stayed for the entire hour! Like any good ambush interview, we start kind of dry and lay a foundation, and by the end, well… you’ll just have to listen:


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Thanks for listening!

  1. That dude named Steve from Alabama asked a good question. Too bad he didn’t get the direct response (or even an factual one) for which he asked.

    This said, Beck generally handled herself incredibly well in the interview — as much as I hate to say it.

    Good job, Ian and crew.

  2. That was an ambush interview? The next time you interview a despotic bureaucrat try taking the kid gloves off.

  3. How is the bar owned by the bar owner if they have to get a permit?

    This isn’t America anymore. And they just brag about the death of this country.

  4. Great segment. I especially loved the different ways you jacked with the name. Texas Alcohol Banning Commission. That was funny on its own, but that she felt it necessary to address it was off the charts. Thanks for covering the issue and bringing a little laughter into such big problem.

  5. Hey Ken, next time you can get one to stay on your phone line for an hour, you let me know!

  6. You played nice with a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL?! You must be one of those pragmatist devils! :p

    Seriously though, you did a great job, Ian.