TABC Spokesbureaucrat on FTL’s Friday Show!

TABCI just got off the phone with Carolyn Beck, the spokesbureaucrat for the TABC. As you know, this is the agency responsible for arresting over 2200 people for “public intoxication” while drinking in bars! We’re going to give her a chance to explain herself tomorrow night just after 7:06pm ET on Free Talk Live. (Then we’ll ask questions she’s never heard before!) It’s rare that we announce guests in advance, but I thought HoT readers would like to know. I’ve told Ms. Beck that we’ll have her on for at least 30 mins. We will do our best to take your calls, but it may be better if you email me any questions you’d like us to ask this bureaucrat. My email is ian at Tune in live if you can, or listen via archive or podcast later at your leisure. It should be interesting radio!

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Thanks for listening!

  1. Hopefully she doesn’t do too much digging in advance and get scared off like MADD did. Cowards.

  2. Nobody is going to do jack about this tyranny. Not enough people or are anybody have been arrested. I hope they arrest ten times as many people indiscriminately. THEN something will surely happen!