Switcheroo Time: Cure for Republican Bandwidth Theft

oldFrom an About.com article on bandwidth theft:

A hotlink is a direct link to an image on someone else’s web server. For example, if you saw an image that you like in one of these blinkies resources and you put the image on your weblog using the image URL source of that other person’s site, then you are hotlinking. And, unless the owner of that site permits this, then you are stealing bandwidth, which is unacceptable.

Inline linking happens from time to time around here, and I thought it was time to teach the latest bandwidth thief a lesson. The blog which stole our bandwidth is clearly written by a Republican lemming. I thought I’d modify the image on his website.
The graphic on the top right side of this entry is the one which was hotlinked. Until the blogger realizes the error of his ways, his pro-GOP site now proudly displays the following graphic: