Switcheroo Time: Cure for Republican Bandwidth Theft

oldFrom an About.com article on bandwidth theft:

A hotlink is a direct link to an image on someone else’s web server. For example, if you saw an image that you like in one of these blinkies resources and you put the image on your weblog using the image URL source of that other person’s site, then you are hotlinking. And, unless the owner of that site permits this, then you are stealing bandwidth, which is unacceptable.

Inline linking happens from time to time around here, and I thought it was time to teach the latest bandwidth thief a lesson. The blog which stole our bandwidth is clearly written by a Republican lemming. I thought I’d modify the image on his website.

The graphic on the top right side of this entry is the one which was hotlinked. Until the blogger realizes the error of his ways, his pro-GOP site now proudly displays the following graphic:

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Yeah, baby. I should have done that the last time smallgov.org hotlinked to one of my graphics.

    Still displaying proudly over there at 6:04 PM EST.

  2. Oh man. This reminds me of when I was a new blogger and I had no idea hotlinking was not OK. However, a blogger needs to learn one way or another. Good job with the smackdown.

  3. Never mess with a blogger who knows mod_rewrite.

    It will probably stay there for quite a while, as the blogger’s browser probably has the OTHER image cached. In other words, he’s not likely to notice anytime soon unless he shift-reloads.

    I have hotlink protection on all my images, all the time. If you aren’t in the allowed list, you get a nastygram or http://www.tubgirl.com, depending on how sadistic I’m feeling that day.

  4. re: he just hotlinked CNN

    It’s not that I feel sorry for CNN exactly, but this seems to indicate a degree of “not getting the point” on the bloggers part that is, frankly, breathtaking.

  5. I have noticed that posts on HoT generally have great images. Even though I believe in Intelligent Design and detect a condescending tone toward non-athiests by most bloggers here at HoT, I got a kick out of the image accompanying /2006/01/11/even-taught-correctly-intelligent-design-under-fire/ a great Photoshop of Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Creation of Adam classic and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (I see you got it from the FSM site)! Christians can have a sense of humor too.

    Maybe dealing with hotlinking will be covered in Blogging 101, Stephen VanDykes’s LLS class. I have an idea for using an image to increase pageviews of a campaign website (I would not be doing any hotlinking).

    BTW, there was a meet and greet scheduled at BL101 this evening but I didn’t find anybody else there (is it supposed to be Monday January 30 instead?).

  6. Well, unfortunately, he’s realized now, but evidently hasn’t realized the full horrors of hotlinking. I just don’t bother with images on my blog.

  7. After Battlepanda’s comment, I was feeling a bit guilty for a second. Then I looked at his site again and saw that it was devoid of original thought, and merely contained the mush the GOP spoonfeeds its sheep.

    After he removed the graphic I switched and hotlinked again, I feel totally justified. He can’t claim that he doesn’t know that hotlinking is bad, as he voluntarily did it again after the trackback and graphic hit his site.

    Also, he has posted a new article since then where he hitlinked another site.


    Speaking of Nazi’s… I mean the Republican Party, I find it ironic that the pro-lifers of America re-elected someone whose been killing Americans by the 100s and 1000s since 9-11.

  9. You need to learn how to use ‘includes’ so that your content can’t be hotlinked. You put it out there in a form that says “use me” and it’ll get used.

  10. Awesome, encourage people to hotlink and then do that all the time, i can see it now: “Hammer of Truth, spreading liberty one busted hotlink at a time”

  11. Ok, since you guys are getting all techie on me, I want to explain why I try not to completely shut down hotlinking. Part of it is because web-based feed readers and any site that i allow to resyndicate (like LibertyFilter) are going to want to pull images.

    The new site being developed (the liberty venture) will be a little more strict and have a list of allowed hotlink domains (HoT will do this too later on).

    But for now, the easiest method to swat the occasional bandwidth thief is to kick their teeth in with an image change.

  12. Ben et al,

    Both Stephen V and I both know many ways to stop hotlinking. However, there are some site graphics we don’t mind people “borrowing”.

    Anyway, this gave us a good excuse to have fun exposing Repubs for the thieves they are.

  13. Bandwidth thieves on both sides of the political aisle, eh. Worst one to date, for me, was from someone I mostly agreed with – but on a political blog that averages around three quarters of a million hits / day.

    A brief chronicle …

    and, the image that FreeRepublic promptly removed from their blogsite (they’d ignored a polite request to remove the hot-linked one): http://www.maquah.net/bandwidth/free-republic.html

    It’s easy to save an image to your own computer / upload to a server … bandwidth theft leaves a hot-linked trail between the thief and the person they’re stealing from.

    Bandwidth theft is illegal.