Swift Justice In FEMA Bribery Case

From NOLA.com:

Two former Federal Emergency Management Agency employees were sentenced Wednesday to 21 months in federal prison for soliciting bribes while managing a FEMA base camp in Algiers.

Andrew Rose and Loyd Holliman, identified by their attorneys following their arrest in February as Colorado firefighters who came to New Orleans to help with search-and-rescue operations after Hurricane Katrina, pleaded guilty in April to public bribery.

It seems that corruption was the plat du jour in this case involving a Louisiana businessman who won the contract to provide meals at the FEMA base camp in Algiers. For an initial payment of $20K and weekly payments of $2500, the FEMA employees offered to inflate the head count. The contractor immediately reported the bribery proposal to the Department of Homeland Security and the men involved were sentenced yesterday to 18-24 months in prison.

Kudos to Judge Mary Ann Vial Lemmon. I remember Judge Lemmon as a very good St. Charles Parish judge and it appears that she has lost none of her ability with time. Louisiana is known for its good ole boy corruption, and I am happy to see that Judge Lemmon is working to correct the image. And, I am happy to see that whistleblowers are taken seriously, at least in some cases. If only the rest of the crap could be cleaned up so quickly.

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  1. Thank you for your continued, solid reporting, Ms. Shinghal. Your increased prolificacy is especially appreciated in light of Mr. Gordon’s decrease in output due to other responsibilities.