1. We can get it on the air.

    Not everything needs to be done by national.

    I know here in Atlanta, we could run commercials on the weather channel in Cobb County for $4 a pop… or we could run them on larger channels for $12 – $22 bucks a pop…

    Now I know if I donate $80, and we run 20 commercials on the weather channel in Cobb County, GA… that’s not going to have a huge effect.

    But if 5,000 other people committed to doing the same, then we could run enough to make an impact.

    Everyone needs to go to your local cabel networks and find out where you can run cheap ads… I’m sure Tim and others would be honored to have their commercials on the airwaves.

  2. I’m going to cut it down to a 60 second ad for tv. Right now the timing is wrong for tv, but that dont ma
    matter for web use.

    The LP’s never had enough video media, either professionlly done or homemade. I decided to close this gap and learn video editing at the same time. It’s my form of blogging, since I cant write long drawn out posts and reply to comments on a regular blog anymore.

  3. Jam-up job, Tim. That looked great

    I’m more than willing to contribute to ad placement in whatever capacity. My email address in on this site. Just say when.

  4. The best libertarian “commercial” I have seen. ALL the others I have seen are VERY amateur. Keep up the good work!

    Id say lets get it on TV nationwide. When are we going to have a PAC that helps to raise money and put stuff like this on the air?… my money will be in the pot. Is ‘libertymix’ going to be that PAC?

    The only change I would do to the clip is to add daughters/mothers to those lost(not just fathers/sons)… it may help to get more support for the cause.

  5. The first scrolly is a little to fast.

    Tim, you’re getting better at this stuff. Good show.

    As I recall, you could buy local adverts on BET inexpensively. Target major metro areas.

    I actually like the weather channel idea. Do that on a nation wide basis all at once. For a day.

  6. for example… this >(http://www.lp.org/lpn/9909-LPAC.html) didnt seem to pan out.

    We need a PAC that actually makes a difference and is very serious about fundraising and changing peoples minds. We need to turn people on to the LP and I think an ad like this one will do that. Yes, we need to support our candidates, but if the people havent even heard of our party or think we arent serious then we will get nowhere. It seems that people vote for their party, except a lot of lousy libertarians, no matter how awful their candidates are. We need to get people to believe in(and know) our party and then our candidates. Let the people see the injustices of our current Republicratic system and let them rebel against it.

    The time is now.

  7. We need 2 different kinds of media – one promoting the party as real and engaging in political issues of the day, and media otherwise specific to our candidates and their campaigns.

    Both are mega important. Every LP campaign should have a set of standard ads for their campaign that hey can dopt that they can pull off the shelf from National and for a reasonable price have it customized for them. This is the kind of stuff national MUST be doing IMO. We need hi stuff but without the money to put it on the air it wont matter.

    I am getting better with each one, but this one I just could not come up with the best ending I needed to have. Sometimes after a few nights work I just say I’ve done what I can and send it out.

    I am going to try my hand at making a specific campaign video for a current LP candidate next. That’s going to be Bill Wood of Virginia.

  8. I need to ad that a lot of things I think National should be doing they CANT do due to FEC law, but I dont know that stuff.

    The larger parties form other companies that can do his stuff that are still under the nominal control of their respective parties. The LP could do that as well.

  9. Hey Tim, where’d you find the Nixon campaign commercial? I’d like to see the whole thing and possibly do something similar with it.

  10. I never realized how mad Eisenhower was when he gave the “military-industrial complex” speech. It was not a dry academic phrase, but something he obviously viscerally disliked. Good find on that clip and good work on the whole spot.

  11. Tim, I am impressed. That is a great video ad. You have done a fine job. I would contribute to running it. I trust Stephen Gordon will help on this effort.

  12. Best video you’ve done yet, Tim.

    We seriously need to organize a PAC to promote your videos, man.

  13. Absolutely wonderful.

    This and the a 60 second version of the “politician removal service” should run from now through November.

    I’d certainly be willing to put up some of my own money to buy ad placements for such clips on the county-wide cable system here.

  14. If anyone wants to put this stuff on on their local cable system, let me know and I will send you a dvd. I’ll try to get them TV ready in 2 versions, short and long.