Stupid Government Tricks (Part II)

They used a drug war related letter-to-the-editor as probable cause for a search warrant against Loretta Nall. Now they’ve accused a nurse of sedition for writing a letter to an underground paper criticizing the Bush regime. The VA is now trying to get away with a private apology, but Laura Berg understandably wants more:

“My concern about just having a private apology is because this happened to me it has frightened other people. It was intimidating,” she said. “I appreciate having a personal apology saying, `Yes, it was an overreaction,’ but my concern is for the wider environment.”

I’m expecting the next round of Patriot Act legislation to contain new sedition definitions and penalties. After all, we can’t allow this First Amendment thing to continue to go unchecked. In the mean time, keep sending in those LTEs.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Next thing you know, there’ll be a Revised Patriot Act mandating the creation of a Sedition Prevention and Security Agency. (A cookie for the person who recognizes where that’s from) By the by — colloquial term for this group would be “Spazi”

  2. Sending in another one today, this time about energy. We’ll see what the DMN has to say.

    Maybe Jared Ambra (who, I found out, is a less-than-mediocre cross country runner for Dallas Baptist University) will rise again.

  3. Wow! Can you image Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson putting up with something like this? If people like them were around today, they would have overthrown this piece of shit government long ago.

  4. I’ve continually raised the issue of how the state uses “child protection” laws, courts and regulations to evade the constitution and take children from parents who have comitted no crime.

    This is yet another example of how that power is abused. THe first time I heard about it, ironically was from another marijuana activist who’s children had been taken from them 10 or 12 years ago in Illinois. At that time I didn’t believe it. But after spending some time as a reporter, following the trail of government, the modern “Child Protective Services” or Family Services depending on your state, should probably be called the SS.

    They enter without a warrent, take without proof, and destroy all those who challenge the status quo. And they get to do all of it, under the veil of secrecy.


  5. >They enter without a warrent, take without proof, and
    >destroy all those who challenge the status quo. And they
    >get to do all of it, under the veil of secrecy.

    That’s right. And remember you get to pay for it all with the money these thugs steal from you in the form of taxes. Like I said before, the people who founded this country would not have tolerated this kind of crap. If they were around in this era this piece of shit government would be in the trash can of history.