Stuck in the Middle with You

“Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”
— Gerry Rafferty/Joe Egan

There are two people I once disliked who seem to become cooler and cooler each passing day: Bob Barr on the right and Alan Colmes on the left. In addition to his endorsement of Michael Badnarik, Barr as been on the forefront of fighting the Patriot Act and links to the Libertarian Party, as opposed to the GOP, on his website.

As Thomas Knapp and I noted the other day, Alan Colmes is now linking to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz on his site and (unlike Bill O’Reilly) he has no fear of placing LP candidates on his program.

Right now, the scrolling link at the top of his site reads, “Busty candidate gains fame for her cleavage, but commands respect on the real issues. Loretta Nall, Libertarian Candidate for Alabama Governor…”

Nall is scheduled to be a guest on The Alan Colmes Show Monday night.

UPDATE: Nall has now hit the top searches at Technorati. Here’s their current list:

Top Searches

1. Colbert
2. Porter Goss
3. Stephen Colbert
4. Singapore Elections
5. Patrick Kennedy
6. John Tierney
7. Loretta Nall
8. Goss

UPDATE: She’s up to #5 now (6:46PM CST)

UPDATE: She’s up to #1 now (2:11PM CST 5/8/06)

Stephen Gordon

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  1. The FOX News version of the Colmes site makes it look like I am about to hook up with Sen. Ted Kennedy.

    Friday, May 5th
    Alan tells you what’s on tap for tonight’s show.

    Ted Kennedy’s Plan
    How does the Massachusetts senator plan to get America back on track? He’ll tell Alan how he would fix things up in the U.S. Plus, meet a voluptuous candidate with a unique fund-raising strategy, and find out why she’s willing to flash for cash!

  2. I have a theory that when a conservative finally realized that the left is sometimes correct, they become more libertarian and vice versa. If they’re an open minded individual. Perhaps colmes has been assimilating Hannity’s rantings for all this time and has been slowly leaning libertarian.

    This would happen naturally because the correct parts of liberalism and conservativism are the libertarian parts ;)

  3. My theory is that short-sighted people who are nurturing and generous but lack any concept of how economics works, think they can legislate generosity, while short-sighted people who are respectful and provident, but lack any concept of human nature other than their own, think they can legislate respect and conformity.

    The Free Market of ideas, personalities and economics works to achieve both their goals, but they don’t trust it until they learn first-hand that their methods don’t work and actually cause harm to their goals.

    Libertarians are people who learned (were made), or who were never short-sighted and (isn’t it obvious?) always knew why force doesn’t work.

    We need to teach economics to liberals and understanding to conservatives. Libertarians can help them, both, to reach their goals.

  4. yeah, but not through the LP. We dont teach. Not our job. We attempt to win elections. Other libertarian .orgs can teach.