Still Waiting for Hot Air-Powered Cars…

This is funny, in that absurd hypocritical way that makes you wonder why they even bother to posture in the first place (via Political Wire):

Hastert caught hybrid car hopping

House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill., center, gets out of a Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile, left, as he prepares to board his SUV, which uses gasoline, after holding a news conference at a local gas station in Washington, Thursday, April 27, 2006 to discuss the recent rise in gas prices. Hastert and other members of Congress drove off in the Hydrogen-Fueled cars only to switch to their official cars to drive the few blocks back to the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Update: Wonkette adds:

Denny Hastert would rather die a thousand deaths than ride more than a block in one of your pussy FUEL CELL CARS.

Another Update: Adding the “Democrats” tag because it looks like they are just as hypocritical. No big shocker here.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. My car is hydrogen powered. Gasoline is full of hydrogen. If I recall correctly, there is more hydrogen in a gallon of gasoline than there is in a gallon of liquid hydrogen.

    But gasoline can be stored in el-cheapo plastic cans. Hydrogen requires something rather more substantial.

    Step 1 to increase motor fuel supply: quit burning fuel oil (which is basically diesel fuel; identical in some areas) to heat houses. Wood, coal, corn cobs, solar, natural gas, etc. can do the trick.

    Corollary: stop wasting natural gas by burning it in places like Texas, where solar heat is ample. Pipe it up north where it is cold and dark in the winter.

    Step 2: Re-legalize big cars. Some people want a vehicle big enough to haul some lumber on occasion. How about bringing back the Chevy Caprice? It sure look more streamlined than a big SUV or a truck…

  2. Energy efficiency is like kryptonite to many Republicans. He probably felt nauseated every minute he was in the hydrogen powered car.

    A bit off topic – I’ve taken to calling him “Denny Hastur. But that started way before this.

  3. Tom — valid point. And it’s a beautiful day here so I’m going to take the top down on the Mustang and go for a spin.

  4. The sacrifice and courage of our government masters like that of Dennis Hastert is truly inspiring and heart warming.

  5. Nerd Alert–Independent source of Carl’s observation about hydrogen:
    Some Energy Fundamentals including some practical and economic considerations (7 pp. and lots of links) as well as why gasoline will continue to be the energy standard in the U.S. for a long time and problems with ethanol, nuclear, hydrogen, solar cells, fuel cells, etc.

    “A strong case can be made that ethanol is simply an
    outrageous twelve billion dollar federal vote buying scam.”

    “Hydrogen is only an energy carrier that inefficiently transports some other source of net energy…no personal vehicle practical means of storing hydrogen is known today.”