Steve Kubby Update

The other day we informed you that the government plans to kill Steve Kubby for being dependent on medical marijuana in order to survive. An overview provides:

Kubby suffers from a fatal condition known as malignant pheochromocytoma. That he has survived by use of marijuana is a topic of intense curiosity by medical experts, who are not allowed to experiment with the politically incorrect but potentially life saving medication.

After being arrested on drug charges in the late 90s, Kubby eventually went into exile in Canada in the spring of 2001. Today, he is under a Canadian departure order that will deliver him to the U.S. authorities on January 12. The Kubbys plan to appeal this order three days prior to the extradition date. If forcibly returned to the United States, Kubby will be immediately jailed and deprived of the medication which keeps him alive.

Kubby has twice been held behind bars for a few days, and he nearly died both times. This time, it is expected that he would spend 90 days in jail. According to his family, this will almost certainly prove fatal to Kubby.

Today was the hearing date, and Michele Kubby just sent us the following:

Judge in Kubby Hearing has taken case under advisement and will issue a decision at a later date.

“Considering that this was a routine request to issue a temporary stay while the court considers our motion, I have lost all remaining faith in the court system and can only plead with people who hear about our situation to call, call and call again until those Ministers who are responsible fix this legal nightmare,” said Mrs. Kubby.

“Phone calls to the Ministers of Immigration, Health, Justice and Public Safety may be our only hope now,” added Mrs. Kubby.

They will be sending out a press release with greater detail and we promise to keep you informed on the situation. In the mean time, the pertinent contact information is here.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. It’s very disconcerting that the Canadian judicial system is incapable of taking a humanitarian position, is support of the Kubby family. Today’s judge taking the matter under advisement, knowing full well that the clock is ticking on their extradition back to the US, is playing into the hands of the Americans. In my opinion, he or she should have had the intestinal fortitude to make a ruling, one way or the other, today. It is also my opinion that the reason why the Kubby family has continually run into a brick wall is because Steve requires the use of medical marijuana, which a lot of the judiciary feels is an excuse to use this product as a recreational drug. I also have difficulty that the neo-conservatives like Randy White were given press time, in support of extraditing Mr. Kubby, yet those in support of allowing them protection in this country have had little or no press coverage. What has happened to Canada’s sense of fair play and compassion?

  2. I know Steve and Michelle. I’ve visited them in Victoria, but it has been several years. I have donated hundreds of dollars to their defense fund over the last 8 years.

    I am not Steve. I can not pretend to be him, nor face his fate. But if I was Steve Kubby, I’d check myself into a hospital, and under a miriad of doctors observations, abstain from consuming cannabis medication and slowly pass over, while his family can still be by his side.

    The documentation of the ameloration of his malady with cannabis would be documented. And the world would watch in shock. It would be the equivilent of a ‘food strike’, similar to Ghandi.

    I offer good and positive thoughts to the Kubby’s and hope Justice and Truth prevail.

  3. Like, Don Faulkner in his comment stated reffering to the Judge & his decision quote”he or she should have had the intestinal fortitude to make a ruling, one way or the other” unquote.
    Cannada really is losing so much respect from Europe and the rest of the world, it should stand up to the USA. The corruption cannot go on forever,however, while country’s like Cannada do as they are told by a bunch of bully boys from a white house, some place in Washington, it will last just that bit longer.
    Americas drug-policies have never worked, I wonder if they were designed to fail. The evidence is against what the US is doing in almost all area’s of it’s politic’s.
    Stop acting like a pussy Cannada!
    Regards to Steve Kubby, I wish him all the things he wishes for. Ian Harris (Mr.) London. U.K