Steve Kubby: Medication Request Dropped and He May Be Released Soon

The best roundup of the latest on Steve Kubby comes from this News10 video. The rumors I’ve been getting by e-mail are true, and Kubby’s attorney has dropped the request for Kubby to use marijuana while incarcerated. His health seems stable at this time, and I imagine this is the reason for dropping the request. I’ve been out of contact with Michele for a few days, and was pleased to see her being interviewed. It sounds like there may be a deal in the works which would allow Kubby to be released and placed under house arrest.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. “Steven Kubby withdrew his request after use of a prescription drug that contains a synthetic form of marijuana’s active ingredient stabilized his blood pressure.”

  2. In the news clip, Michelle Kubby rightly said that this is about the patient’s choice of medicine. Marinol may help Steve, but it is not his choice, nor is it the best choice. It is much more expensive than marijuana and has many unpleasant side effects. A brief look at the 2004 annual report for Solvay- the parent company of Marinol’s maker, Unimed- shows sales of 63 million euro. The market? The US. Patients smoking their THC do nothing to increase Marinol profits. I have no issue with a company’s sales record- unless that company is making those sales while competing products are kept out of the market by bullshit regulation.

  3. Personally…

    as human use of cannabis predates the laws prohibiting use by thousands of years (and that an overdose free history), as there is to be no government regulation of religion and as cannabis has a true place upon the altar in religious history and, as an industrial artifact the place of cannabis in U.S. history is a proud one, and as a food source, and as a medicine historically shown as one of the safest, most versatile (with premier side-effect being euphoria), and more specifically:

    as Prohibition of cannabis is founded upon racial bigotry and perjury of testimony to Congress:

    the continued persecution of cannabis supporters, users and most importantly, consuming patients can be recognized as no less than governmental criminal assault against the freedoms, Constitutionally declared, of the civilian population that government is sworn to protect and serve. Shame upon the administrators of government whose zeal in instituting corrupted law proves lethal to the ill.