Stephen Gordon, LP Communications Director

Stephen Gordon - LP Communications Director (C-SPAN title error)We’re pleased to be able to post this great news that was emailed to us from Shane Cory, LNC Chief of Staff:

While I was hoping to give Stephen at least a few days of peace to relocate to Washington, D.C., it looks like someone from a small group of people decided to throw a wrench in those plans. Regardless, I am very pleased to confirm that Stephen Gordon will be joining me and the rest of the LPHQ team as our director of communications.
We have a very small staff in D.C. so it’s very important that we hire people who do more than come up with “bright ideas” and only talk about them. We must have people with not only vision but with the ability to see a task to completion.
Stephen fits that bill but more importantly, he doesn’t fear success because he doesn’t fear failure. This trait is invaluable if you are going to truly commit yourself to America’s third party.
I’ve known and observed Stephen for a few years now and he doesn’t hold back and pours his energy into any given task, regardless of the likely outcome. He doesn’t look for an excuse as to why we should or will fail. He looks for a way to succeed.
We’re in a special time right now that does not come along very often. We need people like Gordon to take advantage of this situation and we don’t have much time to do it.
I hope that your readers will be supportive of this move and will give Stephen the support that he needs for what will no doubt be one of the most challenging jobs of his life.

While we’re obviously biased here in favor of Gordon’s appointment as Communications Director (he’s also a prolific blogger here at HoT and embargoed me from announcing this until today), we’re saddened that he’ll be leaving us in the coming weeks as (see SG’s update) he’s expected to be moved to Washington, D.C. by mid-June (though no doubt he’ll be providing us with excellent posting material, perhaps like this).
Oddly, enough, the photo for this post is actually an error on C-SPAN’s part if anyone noticed, as Gordon was actually Communications Director for the Badnarik campaign when this C-SPAN footage was broadcast. It sucks to get scooped by some title error from two years ago, ya know?
Gordon will be filling a position that had been temporarily filled by Chief of Staff Shane Cory and for a while by Sam New after previous Comm. Dir. George Getz left the LNC mid-2005 (older readers will remember my fair share of nasty email exchanges with him).
I anticipate seeing how the tone and focus of the LP will change with Gordon as the party’s most public voice (and with his Open Source vision of politics, which sadly is no longer on the Internet). As savvy as Gordon is with local and state media, and national media from time to time, I expect the LP will be able to earn more press coverage with him in this important role.
UPDATE by Stephen Gordon: To begin, I’m confirming that I did sign and submit a letter of intent to the Libertarian Party to serve in the position of Communications Director. My tentative starting date is June 19, but there is a bit of flexibility in our understanding to allow for relocation-related issues. Also, I will be able to continue to write at HoT. Actually, I’ll probably have more time available to write here as working in an office setting is considerably more stable then the typical chaotic campaign environment.
My hope is that HoT will continue to serve as one of many conduits of information between political activists, the mainstream media, power players, the Libertarian Party and the entire libertarian movement. There are many libertarian activities in which the LP can’t or shouldn’t engage, but HoT can. I’ll be here pushing some envelopes in my HoT hat that I can’t in my LP hat.
Most importantly, I’d like to ask for your suggestions and comments about how I might be able to be effective as Communications Director at helping the Libertarian Party reach its maximum potential. While time, resources, legalities and other issues dictate that I can’t follow every suggestion offered, I can promise to at least consider each of your comments.