Statewide Smoking Suppression Stopped

According to the Washington Post, Virginia and Maryland have rejected statewide smoking bans. It’s a good sign for liberty when such obvious nanny-statism gets rejected. Delegate David Albo (R-Fairfax) deserves kudos for this comment:

“The problem is, I want to have smoke-free restaurants and businesses. But in America, you don’t pass a law to tell a private business owner who is paying rent or mortgage payments what he can and can’t do in his own place.”

It’s good to see that Virginia and Maryland have refused to become like New Jersey. Of course DC’s ban still lingers as a pool of fascism between the two states mentioned, despite the best efforts of groups like Ban the Ban.

UPDATE: In response to Ian’s request, Delegate David Albo’s website.

  1. Awesome! Just wish that they would do this more often. Wow. A politican I actually agree wtih on something. He just stated my posistion on smoking bans exactly. I hate smoking, I’ve never touched them, I hate the smell of smoke, but I would never think of outlawing it.

  2. It is so nice to hear that a state or two are standing up to the stupidity of the anti-smoking facists.

    Perhaps a glimmer of hope, but I fear it will be short lived. Or maybe business owners have wised up and have started fighting earlier than they did in other states.

    Now we should organize some sort of active organization to try to get states to start REPEALLING these laws and maybe turn the tide back a bit.