Starchild the Courtesan?

starchildphoto.jpgIn Las Vegas, those who work in the world’s oldest profession are demanding respect, and they seem to have found a natural spokesperson in our Starchild. Yahoo news reports that escorts and strippers marked the end of a three day conference on the steps of the Las Vegas courthouse. They were there to protest new antihuman trafficking laws that they say restrict their freedoms. They also called for decriminilization and better working conditions for those in the trade. Prostitution is legal in certain areas of Nevada, but activists say more can be done.

“We just want the government off our backs,” said Starchild, adding he used the conference to link up with other sex workers interested in restoring the “spirituality and dignity” the profession enjoyed in Elizabethan England.

I would say they certainly have a voice with Starchild on their side. While I have not personally met Starchild, I know from Stephen Gordon that he is a lover of liberty. And he does seem to get around. He was at the LP convention last month and in Vegas now. Dressed as Lady Liberty at the convention he carried liberty’s flame. On courthouse steps, he became part of liberty’s fire. Hell, if you can get a 76 year old quilting expert to leave her conference and join yours — carrying a banner that reads, “Support your local sex worker” — you have to be doing something right.