Starchild, Barr and Sarwark


This is the first posting I’ve been able to make since getting back from the Libertarian Party convention in Portland. Many of you have been asking a lot of important questions about the convention. I’ll try to address as many of these as possible over the next few days as we catch up with blog entries and write articles and releases over at Toward this end, I also expect to be the guest at Free Talk Live this evening, so feel free to call in and ask a question or two.

Perhaps the most burning question I’ve been asked has been the ever-so-important “What was Starchild wearing?” Here’s a picture with him, Bob Barr and our very own Nicholas Sarwark. If you can’t tell from the photo, Starchild’s sash reads: I Miss America. In what I’m guessing is an appeal to the more socially conservative wing of the party, he seems to have complimented his attire with a relatively small set of falsies.

Barr gave a good speech about what the Libertarian Party needs to do to become more electable. I’ll also add that I was very impressed with Nick’s parliamentary skills on the convention floor and with his nominating speech for incoming vice chair Chuck Moulton.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I was very impressed by Nick’s nominating speech too. Many people told me afterwards that his speech was what caused them to get off the fence and vote for me.

    My seconding speeches from Steve Damerell of Virginia and Richard Schwarz of Pennsylvania were also spectacular. Picking those three people was the best decision of my campaign. I wisely left the speech content entirely up to them.

    Nick could make a great contribution to the LNC if he served in my opinion. Unfortunately he was too busy with school to make that commitment this term, but I suggest you all encourage him to run in 2008. He was re-elected to the judicial committee.

    Thanks to everyone that voted for me. I’ll do the best job I can to move the party forward.

    Chuck Moulton
    Vice-Chair, Libertarian National Committee

  2. Bob Barr is a good politician, he’ll have his picture taken with anybody. ;-) I have a few snapshots of us as long lost buds from when he spoke in Raleigh last year. Super nice guy.

  3. OK. Read ABOUT. Usually get Stuart Richard’s posts when news.googled “LIBERTARIAN CONVENTION” Is it my imagination, or is this the first LP convention in many years to get NO national mainstream media at all? Well, the main thing is none of these “libertarians” who struck secession from the ballot will use military force against secessionists, right? Also, there will be a loud secessionist running for the LP nomination in 2008 – who’s volunteering? And maybe a really short secessionist platform to replace current gut-less mess that doesn’t even mention getting out of Iraq. Have you heard the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has an IRAQ CAUCUS that wants out. What a joke.