SOTU Open Thread

Discuss Bush’s State of the Union address here, we’ll have more thoughts later (drunken, no doubt).

Update: Original Wonkette liveblogging, fresh and funny.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. In a system of two parties, two chambers, and two elected branches, there will always be differences and debate.

    Wow, this is a system of two parties? I think I see the problem…

  2. Is WMM new? I still haven’t really digested WMD. I know that it has been drilled over and over, but I can be slow sometimes.

  3. Applause and cheers from both sides of the aisle after “The rising costs of entitlements is not going away.”

  4. We must also change how we power our automobiles.

    Holy crap, that’s like a crack dealer saying, “Hey, there are healthier ways to get high… look for alternative methods, but in the mean time…”

  5. More like 1 1/2 parties, Mike, and I’m being gracious.

    Gosh, I’m missing this wonderful love-fest. How much crap has Bush ladled out so far? BTW, if he manages to veto ONE damn bill, just one, before he leaves office… I’d be surprised and a solid-gold turd will be left in my wake. Right after the monkeys fly out of the same area.

  6. Human life is a gift from our creator — and that gift should never be discarded, devalued, or put up for sale.

    Two words… Hurricane Katrina.

  7. Well lets see.

    He hates George Washington’s views of entangling alliances. Military commanders have power to make decisions on war not politicians. (He didn’t read article 1, section 8)

    Believes in eliminating private charity by having the bureaucracy take our money and spend it.

    I did like the line item veto idea though.

    But then the government has the responsibility to provide poor with health care. I thought we had something about limited government.

    If I hear that word democracy one more damn time. We are a REPUBLIC.

    And supports federal involvment in education.

    Stephen, What are you drinking, I think we all need some that is if it does not help the terrorists. We are dumber after hearing this man speak.

  8. From Wonkette:

    9:43 PM BLUE RIBBON PANEL! Here it comes. Here it comes!!! A COMMISSION! PROBLEM SOLVED. Okay everyone to bed now.

    Creating a commission is just another way of saying, “Off my hands now bitches… talk to them.”

  9. Must… stop… from… punching… wall….

    There was a few nuggets of truth wrapped in nothing but lies. My favorite, was when he (paraphrasing) said it was our duty to ensure the eldery and their futures. Um, no. I can be nice and donate my money to the cause, but it’s not a duty and it’s certainly not an obligation.

    Also, we can’t pay for medicare, medicaid, or social security… but hey! We need to give everyone health care!


  10. I heard that one democrat sent in a response to CNN one hour before the President started to talk.

    They may as well just say we disagree with everything this man says but we would do nothing different.

  11. From

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Tuesday in the House gallery after refusing to cover up a T-shirt bearing an anti-war slogan before President Bush’s State of the Union address.

  12. Yeah, saw the Sheehan thing. Your forgetting Mike, that she’s obviously a terrorist. I mean, only terrorists want to stop people from killing themselves.

    errr… yeah

  13. I guess they arrested (or “detained”) Cindy Sheehan, whom was invited to attend the SOTU, before it begain… supposedly because she was going to hold something up. Perhaps her middle finger I dunno… Then Duby talks about freedom over and over… When will people wake the hell up?

  14. Mike N.,

    We are spreading freedom to Iraq, Iran, Afghananstan, Syria, Cuba, everywhere but in America we have a democracy a republic and we have flawed elections much like Iraq did when we invaded them. I wish we could spread some of this freedom in our own country.

  15. I guess the html for the delete code doesn’t work on here. That should say democracy deleted out because the President doesn’t know or care that we have a republic.

  16. I could have just as easily heard a Democratic SOTU address. And I heard more about the Middle East than I did about America.

  17. Caller on C-SPAN:

    I think the only thing that’s saving this country right now is that the Republicans are so incompetent.

  18. Politicians are obviously masters of double speak.First,Bush says the government should not interfere with the economy (all right, yea freedom!), and then he proposes more spending in science, lowering health costs, and every other thing. What?

  19. Impeachment. Then take him to the Hague in cuffs.
    Watch his trial live on C-Span,fun for the whole family.

  20. On C-SPAN when the reporter asked what he like about Bush’s speech… and I’m paraphrasing:

    Sen. Arlen Specter: Spread of democracy, no democracy ever attacked another country…

    Hehehe… HAHAHAHA…. (SIGH)

  21. What is his definition of democracy?

    I guess he doesn’t think America is a democracy. (quick someone tell Bush before he makes an ass out of himself)

  22. I recall the first thing he did in 2000 was cut the spending for alternative fuels by 50%.

  23. Since when is coal an alternative fuel? And why does he say that there are “children who need direction in love?” I published my notes on it at my blog. There wasn’t much that was surprising in it.

  24. How fantastic, Bush wants to spread freedom throughout the world, but especially in the Middle East (and of course excepting the one nation he has sworn an oath to honor and protect).

    But at least there is good news. Judging from all the commissions and initiatives he has firmly pledged other people to, the State of the Union is… someone else’s problem. He has Iraq to brag about, Iran to threaten, and Hamas to praise.