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Libertarian Party website redesign - in progress

Whassup at

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Here’s a peek, thanks to some old URLs still working with the new design.

Another Update by VanDyke: LP head geek Shane Cory saw that we were poking around on the new site already, so he gave Hammer of Truth a link to an exclusive new LP web ad — Politician Removal Service. Thanks Shane!

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  1. I’m guessing its the site re-design.

    Someone had it linked in a thread here, or at ThirdPartyWatch or possibly Knappster, the blogs I go to.

    I think the old design was just fine.

  2. Here’s a link to the Action Items page (looks like they are applying the design still)

    Very cool that they are officially embracing the stuff I started pushing a few months back.

  3. LOL.

    so… they launch on a saturday night… when most people (except sad folks like myself) will be out partying or already in bed.

    why not wait till say… a monday/tuesday?

  4. Rick… it’s not uncommon to launch a site on slower days to be able to work out any glitches.

    Shane appears to be doing the soft launch, which is a very good idea for them (I expect there will be some changes in the coming weeks as they figure out what UI stuff works well and what doesn’t)

  5. Rick — I agree with SVD. Weekends are the time to roll out a new site, as there are almost always some sort of glitches.

  6. Stephen(s)

    I figure you’d already have it up, but just don’t tell anyone… then make the big launch monday/tuesday

    Sure, I understand and even agree with the softlaunch idea… but if a softlaunch, why the count down? :)

    3… 2… 1… ok, now there are 5 people visiting :)

    Whatever. It’s all good, and I’ll be happy to see the new site whenever

  7. I have to say, I’m not a fan in the least. It looks like they’ve gone back about 5-10 years in the history of website design.

  8. The first reactions to a new site are almost always negative, simply becuase people are creatures of habit and they dont like rapid sudden change.

    it’s when you keep getting complaints 4 weeks from launch, that you have to wonder. I dont think that will be the case.

  9. Interesting Flash, guys… are they going to be created regularly? Is there going to be a lot of A/V stuff on the site?

  10. bravo zulu on the sneak peeks. I’d almost accuse the LP of getting hit with Clue, but I’ll reserve that one for now.

  11. I like everything I’ve seen on the new site, though hopefully the Candidate Tracker will be getting a little more serious.

    The PRS flash seemed to go a little slowly – trying to be too clear in the talking, and not really succeeding – but then again I’ve made the mistake of flying while having my ass kicked by allergies two days in a row, so my left ear has gone haywire. I do like its theme, though.

  12. I love the Libertarian Politician Removal Service. It needs to be shown nationally. 8-)

  13. By the way, here are some sneak peeks I picked up just typing in URLs:
    LP Blog
    LP News

    I love the new, widescreen-friendly format, and the State Affiliate box that (I presume, since I’m seeing Texas) adapts to your IP address is quite impressive.

  14. eh, the platform page sucks big time….but only becuase of whats on it…. :D

  15. Well, the platform does contain the greatest disclaimer of all time:

    “Our silence about any other particular government law, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, regulatory agency, activity, or machination should not be construed to imply approval.”

  16. Way to go LP! I’m pretty excited about the change and would like to extend the invitation for you to appear on Free Talk Live and promote it.

    Of course, you’ll likely refuse to appear on my nationally syndicated radio show for fear of scaring off a handful of fairweather LP email list subscribers. (As I’ll once again ask that you cross-promote your appearance.)

    Contact me if you change your mind.

  17. No! I am a stubborn, unreasonable man who demands all of one email be sent in return for an appearance on the most LP-friendly, pro-Liberty radio show in the world!

  18. Great work! The only problem is that the LP isn’t the party of principle and it has a rapidly decreasing inclination to consistently offer candidates that stand for less government. Winning, damn the costs, is all that matters.

    This will spell doom for the party if it becomes more popular. But, really all that is likely to happen is that LPers keep losing elections while losing their principle, in effect totally discrediting their positions. There will be more demands for concession until the partys purpose is so diluted that it is utterly pointless. Why don’t the whiners & complainers go form their own party with Bill Weld and combine all their ingenius compromises together so that they can have a party no different from the two corporatist parties?

    It would be nice to know that you are guaranteed to vote for less government when you vote Libertarian. That’s supposed to be the point, but that’s not good enough to people whose ideas are better than that.

  19. The LP purity tests which require candidates to support total repeal of every government program the day they win office aren’t realistic. Frankly, I tire of people who are ruining the party’s chances by painting it into a corner, disspiriting small-l libertarians who would otherwise be members, and even undermining excellent Libertarian candidates who aren’t making promises of 95% government size reductions in a year which they cannot keep.

    If Bill Weld wins office, it will be an important victory for the LP and will make the government of the state of New York more libertarian than it was before. To claim that this is a “loss” is frankly imbecilic.

  20. “John”,

    Whining? Shane Cory was the one whining about sending an email. I’m just simply re-extending an opportunity for positive international coverage targeted at an audience that happens to be perfect for them.

    Would they have balked at the same offer if it was being made by Rush Limbaugh?

    I harbor no hard feelings toward the LP. We’ve all made mistakes, I just think it’s a shame they continue to make this one.

  21. “Great work! The only problem is that the LP isn’t the party of principle and it has a rapidly decreasing inclination to consistently offer candidates that stand for less government.”

    Bullshit. Show me exactly where a LP candidate has come out in favor of bigger government and more taxes than that we have now. Until then, it’s all FUD.

    “Nigel: There’s hardly been a Libertarian elected.”

    Well, yeah, thats the problem. We’re attempting to fix that little problem.

  22. Guys, thanks for checking it out. We’ll still have some tweaking to do of course. My mind is on meltdown so I’m taking it easy coming up with cheesy lines for each state to add onto the side bar (it doesn’t do a lookup as the majority of visitors would have VA pop up, I just put it on rotate).

    I’m only on the “a’s” so if someone wants to give me a hand, go for it. If the best I can do is “sweet home Alabama” I obviously need some rest.

    Ian, let me know when you get the number of affiliates as Rush. Hopefully, you won’t have to chew through an Oxycontin factory to do it.

  23. Shane,

    We’ll get there eventually, with or without your assistance.

    Too bad you see it how you do, because I’d rather get to 600 affiliates and look back and say,
    “I’m sure glad the LP was so willing to work together with us, it’s been great promoting them for the last several years, let’s keep doing it!”
    instead of:
    “Wow, what a shame. We tried to lavish airtime on the LP, and they kept giving us the cold shoulder, even at 599 affiliates, and NOW they finally want to send that email?”

    We can help each other grow, or not. Too bad you keep choosing the latter. Maybe you’ll come to your senses and I’ll once again be proud to be a life member of the party.

  24. Devious David, note the banner on apparently all but the home page: “Smaller Government…Fewer Taxes…More Freedom…” which is much more acceptable to the vast majority of Americans than “Anarchy next Wednesday.”

    “Colorado: Birthplace of the Libertarian Party”
    (make up your own joke about being a mile high, this being the party of drug decriminalization/legalization and fewer restrictions on alcohol: “The View from Above”?)
    Colorado probably ranks high among states in per capita LP membership, also.

  25. I like the new site. Saw the preview earlier in the week and was pleased to see the change. Congratulations LP!

    The flash video is fun and fits with the whole viral marketing thing. I will be spreading it on my site. And the PRS concept is unique.

  26. Mhhh. I don’t dislike the logo, but the rest of the redesign is crap, too many colors, too busy, my eyes wander all over the place with nothing (or everything) asking for their attention. Man, it’s not that expensive to hire a good webdesigner, c’mon, we could have done better.