Some Sweet Campaigns That Could Use Your Dead Presidents

We’ve given a ton of coverage to the heavy-hitters in the Libertarian world this cycle: Smither, Badnarik, Pierce…

But you know, there’s a ton of other really awesome candidates that are running credible, solid campaigns and we need to support them. “All politics is local,” after all… We’ll have a better chance at electing congressmen when we’ve already elected the mayors and city councilmen and the like.

So I figured I’d step up to the plate and list off a few good campaigns for any would-be donors out there.

First pick of the bunch is Kevin Cherry, running for the Public Service Commission down in Georgia. Looks like he’s got a beautiful website, a credible shot (when one of his competitors is claiming to “be a better libertarian than the Libertarian in the race”) and I guess they can run a realistic TV ad campaign for only $3000 or so? So go on over and show the man some love.

Next on the hitlist would be those bad boys up in Vermont. Even though not all of them made it to the ballot, five out of the seven did and several of them got on the ballot as both Libertarians and Republicans. In my opinion, these are our most credible state-level races in this election cycle. I fully expect to be congratulating at least one of these guys (probably more) on their new job in Montpelier on November 8, and it’s going to be fascinating watching them, seeing what an elected Libertarian caucus actually does in a state legislature. But let’s make sure they have all the help they need, eh?

There’s plenty more good folks out there, I’m sure, so by all means link them up in the comments.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Arin Sime in VA: He has already raised a substantial amount, and his race is not until 2007. Additionally, he has a great campaign team and is building grassroots support with small businesses and local farmers.

  2. In New Hampshire:

    Belknap County District 4 for State Representative
    Robert Kingsbury – Libertarian
    377 Union Avenue, PO Box 1099
    Laconia 03246
    Send him some bucks, and he’s got a good shot at it with some more signs and palm cards to hand out at the polls.

    Hillsborough County District 27 – State Rep
    Matthew Kahn, 147 Robinson Road, Hudson 03051
    His dad is Rich Kahn, running for Governor as a Libertarian, yet fell short by 300 signatures for ballot.

    Tyler Stearns, State Representative in Grafton 6
    P.O. Box 110 Campton, NH 03223
    The guy will turn 18 right before the election date, and is running as an Independent due to his age (he cannot legally official join a party in NH until he’s 18), just barely missed getting on both Republican and Democrat tickets as write-in in the primaries as well.

    And finally The NHLA endorsement list – 111 of em’ – lots of liberty lovers

  3. Kevin Cherry’s TV commercial in Georgia is superb-funny and attention getting. Hardy Machia and the Green Mountain Libertarians in Vermont are running good campaigns in small districts where funds can go much farther than in larger areas. I also think we have our best opportunity for electing a Libertarian to a state legislature there.

  4. If you’re going to pony up money for a candidate then give it to one who has been running his campaign for the last two years. Mike Kole,has been seriously and actively campaigning. The man’s gone from one end of his state to the other, gotten loads of good press and is seriously set to catapult his states LP into the major party realm. Mike’s done legwork unlike any candidate I’ve seen in years.
    Take a look at his blog for some insight. Then send him a donation.

  5. I agree with your premise, with one caveat:

    BOB SMTIHER has the unique opportunity to put the Libertarians on the front burner— I mean Time magazine, cable TV talk shows, newspaper editorials nationwide, etc— because of his totally unique situation, a PERFECT STORM of Libertarian opportunity. Here’s the deal:

    1. He’s running in Tom DeLay’s old district. That alone should be good for publicity.
    2. He can WIN because there’s no Republican on the ballot in this very conservative district (64% Bush in’04).
    3. Democrat is a stereotype joke carpetbagger.

    What’s the benefit to Libertarians NATIONALLY if “Mr. Smither Goes to Washington”?

    1. FIRST Libertarian Congressman EVER elected.
    2. Positons Libertarians in ’08 in the media’s and public’s mind as a viable alternative to the disgusting Republicrats.
    3. Big Money contributors who only write checks to WINNERS will have to consider viable Libertarians in the future.

    HELP $5, $10, anything

  6. SMITHER follow-up:

    Imagine the national impace IF:

    1. Smither is elected (first Libertarian ever)
    2. The House is totally evenly divided—- and SMITHER gets to “appoint” the next Speaker of the House ! ! !

    Do we have 2 years of Republican rule, with them obligated to the Libertarians?

    OR, do we have 2 years of Democrat subpoenaes and impeachment investigations of Bush, with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

    SMITHER, Libertarian, decides.

    Unlikely, yes.
    Possible, ye.


    Lloyd Laughlin

  7. I’m admittedly biased, but we have a great candidate running for Congress in Virginia this year. Bill Wood can use your support. He’s in all the debates this year and the Republican is too close to Bush while the Democrat is too far left for this moderate-conservative district in the DC suburbs.

    Check Bill out at

  8. Rex Bell, Indiana House 56 – $3000 – $5000 buys cable TV and really puts Rex on the map. It is Indiana’s best shot at a state level win. Rex has better name recognition than the Democrat and the Republican incumbent wounded himself and is unpopular. Cable gives Rex the extra push. His wife Susan is an officeholder in the district, elected as a Libertarian. She is well-liked and respected. Debate October 10th. His address is 17059 State Road 38, Hagerstown, Indiana 47346.

    Kenn Gividen, Indiana Senate 41 – $1500 allows him to buy literature and signs at polling places. This is a great chance to come in with a very strong showing – R is horrible candidate, D is unknown, good field for Kenn. (Dynamics of race means D or L win in R district very likely). Today, an Indianapolis Star reporter is following him as he goes door-to-door. Debate September 26th.

    And of course, Mike Kole and Eric Schansberg.

  9. Mark Rutherford points out very interesting fact. Good LP candidates getting serious bang for little bucks. All of these candidates could use 100’s of thousands of dollars, but are getting a lot of juice and doing the all the right stuff on a shoestring. In this last month these guys could push the envelope with just a few more bucks added to their chests. These guys have something to show for their donations and could have a lot more to show come election day!

  10. Let me second (third?) Seth’s mention of Tyler Stearns. The guy is a class act and knows what he’s doing. He has a serious chance of winning.

    (“Tyler Stearns, State Representative in Grafton 6
    P.O. Box 110 Campton, NH 03223
    The guy will turn 18 right before the election date, and is running as an Independent due to his age (he cannot legally official join a party in NH until he’s 18), just barely missed getting on both Republican and Democrat tickets as write-in in the primaries as well.”)

  11. Just let you guys know we are buying our first run of T.V ads this tuesday for Kevin Cherry campaign.When we ran Badnarik ads in Atlanta we actually got some press just for running TV ads.If anyone needs help running cable ads please email me.

  12. I’m running a campaign against 13-term Rep. incumbent Shaw and former State Senator Klein in Florida’s District 22 for the US house. I’ve raised around $12,000, but the filing fee sucked up half of that. The Republicrats are at each other’s throats, and the public is fed up with both. Let’s win one for the Gipper!

  13. More info on the Vermont candidates where $5k doesn’t just put you on the map, but will get you elected….

    Smither does indeed have a very interesting race. The idea of him being able to pick the speaker of the house is similar to what the Vermont Libertarians are facing where we will be the pivotal votes on sustaining or overriding the Governor’s veto.

    All of our candidates are in one-on-one races. (Some two-on-two because we have some two member districts.)

    Are candidates are out knocking on doors which is one of the things that marks you as a serious candidate in Vermont races. Speaking of, I have seven hours of door knocking to go do now. :-)

    – Hardy

  14. Thanks to Everyone for your support of the Kevin Cherry campaign! We’ve been having alot of fun with this race. I am sure that our race will end in a run off. The question is who will be in the run off?

    Through the race we’ve come to realize a few things.
    1. Volunteers are worth more than any amount of money.
    Everything in our race is the direct result of the efforts of volunteers.

    2. $1000 donors are angels that enable us to get our message out. Without your support, we’d still be scraping along.

    3. A 1000 $20 donations is easier to swallow than 20 $1000.
    Please consider that your $20 donation will purchase 1-4 ads for our race. A 1000 donors of $20, will help us run an effective television ad campaign.

    Please support your local LP races, but then if you can, please consider supporting any of the great races across the nation.


  15. Hi guys, I’m a fan of Badnarik, Smither, Kole, and thanks for the heads-up about Cherry.

    I volunteer for the Maymin campaign. We have a good chance here in this district (CT’s 4th). It’s a tight three-way race, and we need 35% to win. It’s achievable. Very.

    We have a TV ad running, we’re on debates with the Reps-Dems, and Phil Maymin has influenced his major Republican opponent Shays to change his view and call for a deadline for Iraq. This is a lively race.

    Yes, I agree with Nigel – send contributions of any amt – $20’s and $40’s all go towards real impact and real results, mainly TV. I agree with Brad too – support your local Libertarians also! Thanks.

  16. Great series of endorsements here, BUT I draw your attention to BOB SMITHER.

    He can WIN.

    What’s the benefit to all Libertarians if he wins?

    1. He puts the Libertarian Party on the map of CREDIBILITY. No L has ever won in Congress, so he— and all L’s would have to be taken seriously.

    WHY can he win?
    1. The Republicans are self-destructing in DeLay’s old district.
    2. NO incumbent.
    3. The Dem is a pro-union, big spending, old time liberal Nancy Pelosi Democrat who has carpetbagged in from another part of the state. (You don’t do that in TEXAS.)


    He needs $$$$$$$$ and buzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lloyd Laughlin

    P.S.: Think of this: if elected and if the House is tied between R and D; then SMITHER “appoints” the next Speaker of the House——– can you think of anything more historic??????????????????

  17. Read the first sentence of the topic post, Lloyd. This post is about candidates who are less well known than Smither, whos’s been covered quite a bit at HoT.

    P.S.: Think of this: if elected and if the House is tied between R and D; then SMITHER “appoints” the next Speaker of the House”””””“ can you think of anything more historic?

    This is the main reason I’m not for him – he wants to vote to continue a Republican leadership in the House, which is BAD – a Democrat majority leadership is needed to gridlock government, investigate the Bush regime and perhaps start impeachment. That would do more for liberty than one lone Libertarian.

  18. Add a space on that Libertarian Wiki page for candidates for statewide office, and I’ll be delighted to add my info.

    -Mike Kole
    Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State