Some Sweet Campaigns That Could Use Your Dead Presidents

We’ve given a ton of coverage to the heavy-hitters in the Libertarian world this cycle: Smither, Badnarik, Pierce…
But you know, there’s a ton of other really awesome candidates that are running credible, solid campaigns and we need to support them. “All politics is local,” after all… We’ll have a better chance at electing congressmen when we’ve already elected the mayors and city councilmen and the like.
So I figured I’d step up to the plate and list off a few good campaigns for any would-be donors out there.
First pick of the bunch is Kevin Cherry, running for the Public Service Commission down in Georgia. Looks like he’s got a beautiful website, a credible shot (when one of his competitors is claiming to “be a better libertarian than the Libertarian in the race”) and I guess they can run a realistic TV ad campaign for only $3000 or so? So go on over and show the man some love.
Next on the hitlist would be those bad boys up in Vermont. Even though not all of them made it to the ballot, five out of the seven did and several of them got on the ballot as both Libertarians and Republicans. In my opinion, these are our most credible state-level races in this election cycle. I fully expect to be congratulating at least one of these guys (probably more) on their new job in Montpelier on November 8, and it’s going to be fascinating watching them, seeing what an elected Libertarian caucus actually does in a state legislature. But let’s make sure they have all the help they need, eh?
There’s plenty more good folks out there, I’m sure, so by all means link them up in the comments.