Gimme Your SSN, REAL ID, and a Little Blood

REAL ID - American GothicNew York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out today in favor of a national DNA or fingerprint database to track all legal U.S. workers (via Sploid):

The mayor compared his proposed federal identification database to the Social Security card, insisting that such a system would not violate citizens’ privacy.

“This is not a civil liberties issue. … You don’t have to work — but if you want to work for a company you have to have a Social Security card,” he said. “The difference is, in the day and age when everybody’s got a PC on their desk with Photoshop that can replicate anything, it’s become a joke.”

The mayor, a billionaire former CEO of a worldwide financial information company, went on to say that if the DNA and fingerprint technology is available, why not use it to create a worker ID database that will “uniquely identify the person” applying for a job, ensuring that cards are not illegally transferred or forged.

Bloomberg’s office a phone (212) 639-9675 and email. Why not call it to tell him to walk around NYC in his birthday suit if he’s such an advocate of reliquishing privacy rights.

  1. So I’m confused. Is this a tin-foil hat issue or not?

    And if so, is it hip for the HoT crowd to be against this or not?

    I’m just trying to determine when the hat is cool and when it’s not. :)

  2. Rick, it’s a privacy issue which makes it HoT-worthy. But I’m not going so far as to reading tin-foil-hat New World Order craziness into it.

    Oh, and it’s an issue (federal DNA database) that most people are opposed to for several reasons.

  3. Damn straight they are opposed!

    But logically, if so many are opposed, why would the senate/house go against the obvious constiuency backlash to pass such a stupid thing? Does ANYBODY really want this?

    Except for the goverment and major news outlets, i see no positive press about this at all

  4. Business Week is reporting that Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls.The Departments of Justice, State, and Homeland Security spend millions annually to buy commercial databases that track Americans’ finances, phone numbers, and biographical information, according to a report last month by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress. Often, the agencies and their contractors don’t ensure the data’s accuracy, the GAO found…”Grabbing data wholesale from the private sector is the way agencies are getting around the requirements of the Privacy Act and the Fourth Amendment,” says Jim Harper, director of information policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington and a member of the Homeland Security Dept.’s Data Privacy & Integrity Advisory Committee.

  5. DNA: courts are now using ancestral DNA testing to determine if the person at the scene of a crime was Black, Oriental, White or Native American.

    The problem with this is that it could be used in the future to discriminate against persons in employment,
    for example if your ancestral DNA proves you came from a monkey and the other job applicant came from an orangutang and you were applying for a job as a Congressional Aid, would you both be passed over for another applicant whose ancestral dna testing proved they were related to an ape?

    The good thing about ancestral dna testing is that if blacks are regularly and wrongfully accused of rape, the ancestral dna testing might prove the white guy did it.

    So, dna testing has this far more reaching capability now: the new ancestral dna testing.

  6. Ancestral DNA testing is often a load of hooey anyways. My mitochondrial DNA says I’m English and my Y chromosome says I’m Scottish, but there’s a far more interesting mix than that.

  7. To Nigel Watt: Your ancestral DNA testing cannot yet show if you are English or Scottish, the abilities of research so far only show if you are white, oriental, black or native american indian, that’s all they can tell now for sure for court purposes in criminal cases, do a search engine search for “ancestral dna testing”.
    Also, I think they might be limited to only doing the native american indian testing if it is on your mother’s side.

  8. What a brazen statist bastard! This is obvious an example of a prior post about the engineered sudden illegal immigration debate being used to get all kinds of wonderful big brother, mark of the freakin’ beast, papers please stuff passed. As far as unpopular opinion goes, you must not have read all the hooey about polls showing Americans favor this stuff 2 to 1. Of course, those polls can be totally manufactured as propaganda, but it’s probably true. And that will be the justification for it… because people favor it and damn it, we need what is good for us. And nothing will be done about it, everyone will bend over.

  9. “You don’t have to work.”

    Yes, choosing between the government dole and starving on the street is a much more appealing option.

    What an arrogant dickhead.

  10. You can make a lot of money starving on the street, but I suspect that’s beside the point.