1. the snake movie did just as bad at the box office. I sometimes think that we will watch anything, like that Ricky Bobby movie about “the NASCARS”, and then thank god they show they wont watch absolutely anything….watching dung beetles roll their precious around would be a better use of my time than the snake movie.

  2. Remember that PSA ( I think from lates 80s, though could’ve been early 90s) where the drug dealer turned into a hissing snake? That was back in the days of the “I learned it from watching you, Dad” Parents who use drugs have kids who blahblahblah ( prior to the “Brain on Drugs” and long before the “it’s good to be a hypocrit” or “my pot caused 9/11” ones).

  3. Snakes On A Plane looks like it’s going to be all kinds of awesome. I’m gonna see it when it hits Chadron’s theater.

    It’s gonna do for action movies what “Army of Darkness” did for horror. :D

  4. Yes Graham I remember the drug dealer turning into a snake, I was about 11 years old and it scared the shit out of me. Of course this never stopped me or any of my friends from expermenting with drugs later in life. Another example of the uselessness of the drug war. Video is kind of lame, a couple joining the mile high club and we get no nudity. very weak

  5. Graham, there’s nudity in the film version of the scene. It just got edited out here, perhaps on the theory that Youtube would be more picky about nipples than egregious copyright violations.