Stuart told us the other day that Bob Smither needs our phone calls. I just got online with the program and have been making some calls. I am quite impressed with how easy the program is to use. I am finding the information to be very accurate and the voters very receptive to my “telemarketing” type intrusion. In fact, the last home I called told me that they not only know about the Smither campaign, but the whole family plans to vote for him.

What we need right now (read: before Thursday) is 30 more people to make calls with us. If you have a computer, cell phone and a few free minutes, you can really do something to help District 22 realize a Libertarian victory.

C’mon guys, let’s put our cell phone minutes where are mouths are. I will see you online!

  1. I just wish I could register for the BallotBase program itself.

    I’ve tried 2 dozen times, roughly. No luck.

  2. Call 202-333-1799 and talk to any of those guys at National. They had me connected in 2 minutes.

  3. Nigel,

    Where does it say you have to be 18? I can’t find it..

    If that is true, that rule seems a bit silly.

  4. I’ve filled out the volunteer form as well. I haven’t received anything. Though I do understand why they can’t just let anyone register automatically.

    I’ll try calling national. With Vonage, I can call long distance as much as I want. :)

  5. Hey, thanks to all for their enthusiam.

    We can indeed get you signed up immediately and on the phone.

    Give us a call at LPHQ: 202-333-0008

    Marc, Chris or I will set you up!

    The New York Times noted Smither’s potential today!


    John Vaught LaBeaume
    National Campaign Coordinator
    Libertarian Party USA
    (202) 333-0008 x232

  6. Evil plotting … err, voter influencing… err, Libertarian support shall commence, on my part, in a coupla hours… once I’m in a place where I can make calls.

  7. I don’t think the LP has any age restrictions for membership. Also, if you turn 18 by election day, you can register to vote while 17 and I think vote in primaries while 17. I turned 18 just a bit before an election day.

    I hope he would consider voting for Dr.Paul for speaker.

  8. Hmm, I don’t know why I thought that rule was there. Regardless, I am leaving for college tomorrow and thus cannot participate, though I would love to.

  9. I am trying to pull it up too. It is taking forever. I have waited 5 minutes at a time only to give up and try again.

  10. Just talked to national- they are calling the developer now. Give us a few minutes to learn something.

  11. All Right I went on and made 9 calls is was great. I dont know about you guys it was kind of hard to talk to people and read the script I went free form and had more luck.One lady told me she knew she was voting for Bob.If we had 100 people doing this a night we could do some damage.

  12. Good job, Doug. I am also seeing good results. Unfortunately for the last voter I spoke with, my dogs went batshit and started barking. Cable guy is here upgrading some services. I need to sign off for the evening- it is not very professional to apologize for labs that possess a bigger bark than bite. See you in the morning.

  13. I can’t log on for exacts right now because the system shuts down at 9, but I can say that most of my calls resulted in messages. I would say that 85% of the connected calls (where I talked to a voter) were extremely positive. 10% said they were happy to take the candidate’s web address and do there own research and 5% were praying for a Republican miracle.

  14. …you know that you can edit your own comments as a blog author, yes? Just click that little “e” or go into WordPress and the comments section.

  15. no, I don’t know much about any of that. I will have to get some pointers later- I cannot even upload a photo- still.