Smither vs Lampson at Political Forum

Bob Smither will attend a Political Forum sponsored by the Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce along with his Democratic challeger Nick Lampson. According to the The Galveston County Daily News:

To get congressional candidates’ opinions on some key local issues, the Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce will have a political forum Tuesday.

The forum will be open to the public and will address topics submitted by chamber members. Topics include Texas City port security, area economic development and particularly the deepening and dredging of the port.

Several candidates and officials have been invited. Congressional candidates Nick Lampson, Shane Sklar and Bob Smither have confirmed their attendance.

The forum will take place at 7pm on Tuesday at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center in Texas City.

  1. Shane Sklar is Ron Paul’s opponent in the 14th. It would be interesting if Dr. Paul showed as well. Two libertarians battling it out with two democrats.

    Something weird is going on in Texas. In CD 10, the Democrat is the “third-party” candidate. In CD 22 a Libertarian is battling it out with a Democrat for a hotly contested race with two minor candidates running futile write-in campaigns. Has Dr. Paul’s ideology finely started to seep into the minds of neighboring constituents? Maybe what is happening in Texas will spread like a virus (a good one) across the entire nation.

  2. Smither’s name does not show up on a search of, the neocons’ chathole.

    Those who openly advocate libertarianism there are routinely purged. Anyone want to at least sign up and raise the issue of Smither’s candidacy and see what kind of response it draws?

  3. Mr. Knight, with all due respect, perhaps you should focus on politics in your own back yard. If we Texans desire your opinion, we will rattle your cage.

  4. Chris, Ron Paul goes to four or five events each and every day while the congressional “recess” is on. He wears the staff out. Everyone wants him everywhere. This is a major event and I’ll be there giving out copies of the Constitution on behalf oF Ron…not to mention supporting Bob Smither. And, I’ll probably ask Nick Lampson if he has read it lately.
    We welcome any out-of staters to come on down and help. Where else in the entire country could we get three…THREE libertarians elected to Congress in one year?

  5. Speaking of Texas and Libertarians, the list of races on the state of Texas’ web page had a Libertarian candidate for every office.

  6. I think it’s funny that so much energy is being wasted on this Smither campaign. The dude has raised less than $2k as of June 30. That is horrible. He’s not a serious candidate. If he can’t raise more than $2000 by that point, then he can’t possibly manage a real campaign. Stick a fork in him.

  7. Give up the pipe dreams. 1) Ron Paul is not a libertarian. If he is, then Debbie Stabenou is. 2) Badnarik is running a campaign that would make Warren G. Harding blush at the corruption and wastefulness of it. 3) Smither is most pathetic of all. I spent more on suits this year than he had in his warchest as of June 30. It isn’t happening. Sorry.

  8. K. Tunstall, if the “fair” taxers, Smither included, get their way, it ain’t just Texans that will be paying but all of us. And there’s my dad – he’s 90, living off his life savings, and he has ALREADY paid federal taxes on EVERY DOLLAR of it. The “Fair” tax folks would rob him of a quarter of his purchasing power by making him pay federal taxes on it again as he spends it.

    I WILL oppose this horrible tax scheme anywhere I find it, and ESPECIALLY in libertarian circles because libertarians should know better. Why don’t you spend a little Texas energy trying to get Smither to see the light so we can ALL get behind him?


  9. I’d like more information on how the Badnarik campaign is full of corruption. This is just my reporter instinct asking, not necessarily an anti-Badnarik sentiment.

    Also, I’d like to point out that among any Libertarian candidates I have ever seen, Bob Smither actually *looks* like a Congressman.

    Seriously though, the issue of more MSM coverage will cease to be an issue if Smither doesn’t come out with more donations by say, next month. I’m sure there are many who’d donate, but are afraid their names would come up supporting a Libertarian.

    Just imagine – with the press right now at least – what Smither could do with Badnarik’s bank account. That would at least make it interesting.

    Lampson will walk away with the race. I still don’t trust enough Republicans to elect a Libertarian. More of them are apt to just stay home…but that’s just me I guess.

  10. Wallace, the other GOP write in, has caved to pressure from party big wigs and canceled his campaign. Leaves a single GOP write in, Lampson, and Smither.

  11. Joey,

    I am confident that Bob’s donations have increased significantly since all this came about.

  12. FYI, I am receiiving THREATS from LP-TX Vice Chairman Kevin Tunstall. Here are two comments from recent e-mails:

    “Beware Mr. Knight….I take names and will remember yours.”

    “If you continue your attempts to disparage our candidate, you will regret your activities.”

    Well, Mr Tunstall, I frequently respond favorably to reason but NEVER to threats.

    As I have said, I oppose ANY kind of national sales tax scheme, it’s something that would affect me negatively and personally, and I WILL continue to oppose it, and ANY candidate who supports it, regardless of party.

  13. You did not receive threats Mr. Knight. You received a statement of fact. You disseminated the following statement via an email list:

    “If Mr. Smither renounces the sales tax, we should all get behind him. He could be the first Libertarian in congress. If he persists, he MUST NOT be the LP’s first congressman. This tax-the-poor-more scheme would besmirch the good name of the LP.”

    Subverting an active LP candidate’s campaign constitutions a violation of Article 3 of the LP Bylaws, specifically that the LP exists for “building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office” and “supporting Party and affiliate party candidates for political office.”

    Continue on your deluded, self-destructive path Mr. Knight.

    Mr. Nelson, you are correct. Mr. Smither’s contribution level has increased. The FEC reports lag behind the actual level. He hit a couple of homeruns last night at a candidate forum. All other candidates promoted “big government” as their solution.

  14. I have, and will continue, to oppose any natioanl sales tax scheme by any candidate, any party.

    KT, if you think you can bully me into silence by threatening Party disciplinary action, go for it. Give it your best shot.

    I’m a 20-year member, former full-time organizer for the national LP, former 2-term state chairman, former candidate, and current central committee member of both my state and county LPs. I’m sure we could generate some interesting headlines in the Houston area news media.

    I reiterate, your time (and mine) would be better
    spent convincing Mr. Smither to drop any and all
    national sales tax schemes so we could ALL get behind
    his candidacy.

  15. the candidates positions are his positions. He’s the candidate, not the LP itself. You have a choice to support him or not. I don’t support the Fair Tax, but LP candidate support of the Fair Tax is a hell of a lot better than attempting to gain public support for private nukes, every child under the age of 9 a automatic weapons carrier, and other really fabulous A-1 principled positions.

    how refreshing that the fight is about an actual policy issue. :)

  16. Where’s the updates from the candidate forum that Smither and Sampson attended? I’m curious to see the media coverage now that Lampson has an almost-serious threat ;)

  17. Good Evening!

    My name is Robert Ziesmer, County Chair for the Libertarian Party of San Juan County, New Mexico, and also a member of the State Central Committee. I would like to make two points. These points are mine alone, and I take responsibility for only them.

    1. The Libertarian Party of San Juan County, NM has not issued any official statements about the Bob Smither campaign. Any comments posted on the Web should be associated with the posting individuals ONLY.

    2. Mr. Smither was duly nominated for office by Libertarian brothers and sisters in Texas. My PERSONAL opinion is that having no personal knowledge about the political climate and various circumstances in Mr. Smither’s district, I can only believe that my fellow Libertarians considered all the facts, and nominated someone who can faithfully carry the flag for the Party.

    I wish our Texas neighbors the best in the upcoming election.

    Bob Ziesmer

  18. I NEVER claimed to speak for anybody but myself on
    this matter.

    Funny, Libertarians from all over the
    country are being asked to send money, but when any of
    us criticize the campaign, it’s a local matter. Tell
    you what – you get Smither to propose a “fair” tax
    that affects TEXAS ONLY and I’ll butt out.

    “Vote Libertarian – a monthly GOVERNMENT CHECK for EVERYBODY”

  19. PASSED September 9, 2006
    San Juan County, NM

    Whereas some Libertarians are proposing various
    alternative tax schemes which institute a national
    sales tax, including the so-called “fair” tax; and

    Whereas such proposals do absolutely nothing to limit
    the scope, size, and expense of government; and

    Whereas such proposals, especially the “fair” tax,
    have features that are distinctly un-libertarian,

    Be it therefore resolved by the Libertarian Party of
    San Juan County Central Committee that we are on
    record as opposing any national sales tax scheme, and
    especially the “fair” tax; and

    Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution
    be distributed to the LPNM Central Committee, New
    Mexico Liberty, and LPNM candidates for federal