Smither Gets Blogged

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In addition to the MSM coverage Bob Smither has been getting (see this and this), he is also getting some attention in the blogosphere. Here’s a brief summary:

The good:

The bad:

UPDATE: Capitol Annex was feeling lonely, so I added another one to the “bad” list after some searching. Let me know if I missed any.

  1. Mike,

    Evidently you didn’t see the huge “LAMPSON” graphic on Truth Serum.

    I feel all alone in the “bad” column. Surely you can find another post to go down there with me!

  2. Annex,

    Yea, so Lampson bought an ad.. so what?

    No, I can’t find another bad one. If you know of one, please let me know.

  3. Pink Dome has no sense of politics. If there were only a Republican opponent, obviously the Libertarian candidate would try and split that vote up. Look at the Badnarik campaign – that’s what he’s doing.

    I have to say that any empathy and goodwill I have for the left is pretty much burned up when they get on their high horses and blow any sense out the window by being Democratic sycophants. I usually assume liberals have at least a little more sense than conservatives (not hard to do), but these people’s reasoning is damaged beyond repair. Not to mention that their nastiness reminds me of conservatives.

    I just don’t understand what a modern day liberal has to gain by having their dream of total Democratic domination (not going to happen) just for the sake of having a “D” by the names of politicians. It happened to Republicans and what did their voters get? Lampson could be a run of the mill Republican in almost any other district and then they’d hate him. Dumbass liberals.