Smither Campaign Launches New, Improved Website

(Friendswood, Texas) ““ Bob Smither, the Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 22, announced the launching of a new, revamped campaign website today at:

The new site will facilitate interaction with supporters from across the nation and provide details of the latest happenings in CD-22. The new website was facilitated by an influx of donations and support from around the country over the last three weeks. Bob Smither’s campaign drew nationwide attention after a series of federal court rulings left the Republican Party without a candidate for this traditionally conservative district. Smither, the Libertarian nominee, will be the only candidate on the ballot facing liberal Democrat Nick Lampson.

Bob Smither made the following remarks about the website launch:

    “Our campaign for CD-22 has gained the attention of political observers and supporters from all over the country. Outside of the Houston area, the internet is the only direct window that many people have into the day-to-day operations of my candidacy for the U.S. Congress.

    The new website will serve as an information resource for our supporters from around the country. Activists, bloggers, and concerned citizens who share in the principles of individual liberty will have a place online to communicate our message of limited government to the voters.”

Visit the Bob Smither campaign online at:

[NOTE: The preceding is a press release, reproduced in it’s entirety, from the Smither Campaign]

  1. Libertarians are the Republicans only hope of restoring sanity to their party. Libertarians must denounce the Republican’s policies of illegal wire-taps, caging protestors, banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, and starting illegal wars based on lies. If we don’t, then even bigger gov’t is around the corner with Democrats in charge. Vote Libertarian, Long Live Dr. Ron Paul.
    Suport indy media.
    Last link (before Google Books caves and drops the title):

  2. Voting republican might change something, but it won’t be for the better. However, voting libertarian is much more likely not to change anything.

  3. Voting Libertarian is not going to change anything overnight. But, it can set off a chain reaction that puts a Libertarian in office by 2010:

    2006: You vote Libertarian, which helps give the candidate 2% of the vote. This is enough in some states to automatically qualify the LP for ballot status in the next election.

    2008: Since the party no longer has to burn valuable resources gathering tens or hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, it can focus on actually campaigning. With this extra boost, the Libertarian candidate brings in 5% of the vote, and attracts a fair bit of media attention.

    2010: With ballot access assured and a more receptive press, the LP candidate campaigns hard and pulls 11% in early polling, assuring a spot in the debates and mainstream news coverage. LP candidate is well-spoken, doesn’t mention loony shit like paving over all the public schools, and message resonates with voters. LP candidate squeaks to 35%/34%/31% victory in a 3-way race.

  4. I think the key point in the above is “doesn’t mention loony shit.” What makes perfect sense to libertarians (paving over public schools, for example) sounds like pure batshit insanity to Joe Six Pack. Following such a statement with a long-winded explanation of libertarian philosophy does not help.

    We need to learn to put things in terms which are understandable and non-threatening to average voters. For example, instead of bluntly saying we’re going to pave over all public schools we might say “The fact is that the public school system is a government-run monopoly, and no amount of additional regulation or funding is going to make it perform better. What we need is to introduce competition into the equation, so that schools have to compete to attract parents and students.”

  5. Derrick – many states already have easy ballot access. Other parties, such as Reform already had moderate platforms. It’s not nearly so easy or automatic as you think. As you will discover in time, I’m sure, if you’re still permitted to engage in electoral politics at all for much longer in this country.

  6. Derrick: or you can move to New Hampshire right now, and by 2008, you could be in the NH State House yourself. By 2010, the first of the FSP movers will be qualifying for 7 years residency and running for the NH Senate, and things will be in full swing here.

    We need more people like you here to help.

  7. If you’ve paid any attention to what I’ve posted regarding the NH Supreme Court ballot access case, you know it will be.

    But the facts never stop paulie from his smartass remarks, good Libertarian he is.

  8. Cool! Why did you assume it was a smartass comment? I hope the LP is on in 50 states plus DC in 2008 – unless of course the nominee is Boortz, in which case I would have to hope for the opposite and regret not being able to apologize in person to each and every person whose signature I got to help make that happen.

  9. The best educational target for the LP is to vow to remove and dismantle that Bush abomination “No Child Left Behind”, which I have renamed “My Child Is Behind”.

  10. Could someone from his campaign fill out some details on him on Wikipedia? (Specifically the todo list mentions that none of his positions are listed).

    (Also if anyone has details on other Libertarian candidates, they aren’t listed either.

  11. Tim — best sense I’ve heard in a while.

    “I, as a Libertarian, vow to promote the good of the people. I will ABOLISH NCLB for the *EVIL* it is!”

  12. #15 *Could someone from his campaign fill out some details on him on Wikipedia? (Specifically the todo list mentions that none of his positions are listed).*

    I have very little time to do such things, nor does our limited staff. I do not know who initially entered that info. If you feel compelled, you can pull his positions from the web site and post them.

  13. NOW is the time for all good Libertarians to come to the aid of a Libertarian candidate who can actually win national office: BOB SMITHER

    Check out his site: esp the video

    NO Libertarian has ever won a Congressional seat. Imagine the media and the public’s reaction when Smither not only wins—- but wins Tom DeLay’s old seat.

    He can win and here’s why:

    1. NO Republican on the ballot in a very conservative district
    2. NO incumbent (DeLay is gone)
    3. Democrat is perfect stereotype: old time pro-union, big spending, Nancy Pelosi liberal who, adding insult to injury, is carpetbagging from across the state.

    Smither can WIN— not a good showing— win ! !

    Talk up the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Help us. Lloyd Laughlin 214.636.0000

    “Mr. Smither Goes to Washington”