Siler and Abu Ghraib Mix: New torture video on the ‘net

Tim West took the edited audio of the Lester Eugene Siler torture tape and turned it into a video presentation. Mixing Abu Ghraib photos with the Siler audio makes for a pretty shocking footage — footage everyone should watch. Make sure to turn your speakers on, too.

I tried to upload the video at Google Video, but they rejected it as a violation of their TOS because its contains “graphic violence or other acts resulting in serious injury or death.” One would think that a video which illustrates violence in an attempt to reduce it would get a pass, but apparently not. Fortunately, YouTube didn’t censor like Google did.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. thats why youtube rules and google sux. It took google 3 months to approve and post the lst vid I did. Screw em.

  2. The only thing I don’t like is that youtube drags down the site you place the video on.

  3. Tim, I really like this. You could either use this as a representation of torture, and therefore an indictment against the War in Iraq…OR…as an example of what the Drug War has wrought, and smack both the Republicans and Democrats upside the head for not being honest with the American people. Our loss of freedoms are not being seen on TV that’s for sure. American Idol is where milliions of Americans seem to be drawn. A video like this, used as a commercial let’s say, could be a defining movement for some and might call others to action. I’d pay to see this something like this on TV. What does everyone else think?

  4. The LP seriously needs to run this nationwide in prime time. It would be worth whatever the cost is.