Sightings in Cleveland: Peirce Taxi Ad

Peirce for Ohio - taxi ad

Campaign manager Charles Peirce sent me this photo of one of the ubiquitous “Peirce Taxis” apparently getting an oil change (I’ve seen them on the street several times but never had my camera on me). For libertarians who like to see tangible use of their contributions for real and innovative advertising, Bill Peirce is delivering the goods in a big way for his campaign (and when he’s on the air, he’s taken seriously because he’s eminently qualified). Seriously, your contributions are helping this campaign in a big way and with the rather lackluster campaigns of Blackwell and Strickland, now would be a great time to send a few bucks Bill’s way. This is a huge grassroots opportunity.

Visit the Peirce for Ohio campaign site for more info and to stay updated.

[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. This post is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Any taxi rider who does not refuse to enter the cab has already, in a sense, voted for him. Sneaky. If they’ll do it in public, maybe they’ll do it in the voting booth.

  2. Nigel: Thanks, I think my brain was trying to merge “eminently” and “immensely”.

  3. Am I the only one that doesn’t see the photo?

    BTW, Stephen, I like the new photo. I ordered that shirt from bureaucrash a few months ago and have been wearing it proudly ever since.

  4. Oh yeah. I don’t quite remember the old photo, but I have a vague feeling that this one’s better.

    (How’s Libertymix coming along?)