Shot Through the Foot, But Not to Blame — He Gives Cops a Bad Name

Remember the DEA agent who shot himself in the foot during a drug propaganda presentation at a Florida school? He’s the one who told the class that he was the only one professional enough to handle the Glock .40 he was carrying — right before he accidently shot himself in the foot. In case you missed it, check out the video; it’s funny as hell.
According to The Smoking Gun, the moron is now suing the DEA over the incident:

The accident was filmed by an audience member, and the tape, Paige claims, was turned over to the DEA. The drug agency subsequently “improperly, illegally, willfully and/or intentionally” allowed the tape to be disseminated. As a result, Paige–pictured above in a still from the video–has been the “target of jokes, derision, ridicule, and disparaging comments” directed at him in restaurants, grocery stores, and airports. Paige, who writes that he was “once regarded as one of the best undercover agents, if not the best, in the DEA,” points to the clip’s recent airing on popular television shows and via the Internet as the reason he can no longer work undercover. He also notes that he is no longer “permitted or able to give educational motivational speeches and presentations.”

I’m sort of confused about this one. If a student shot the video and a local news team picked it up (that’s my recollection of the events, anyway), how could the DEA have been responsible for the DEA agent’s embarrassment. Also, why would a DEA agent assume that he is immune from being the butt of jokes when he makes such a stupid mistake? Why should the taxpayers have to pay some idiot for being an idiot while promoting idiotic public policy to our kids? He’s just like his employer; both deserve to be the target of jokes.
The DEA stripped him of his ability to give propaganda talks at schools. Perhaps the Federal government will strip the DEA of their duties, as well.