Shameless Self Promotion

Erik Ellison of Truth in Tech just posted his interview of me. It covers issues ranging from my new position with the Libertarian Party to electronic privacy to Net Neutrality to LibertyMix. To be quite frank, I enjoyed question nine the most, but it has the least to do with politics or current events.
On a related note, I’m sort of in a gray area with respect to the new position and am going to self-impose some limitations on what I write at Hammer of Truth. One key thing I’ve been hired to do is to promote the Libertarian Party, Libertarian National Committee and Libertarian candidates for public office.
I’ll obviously still be covering political issues and current events when wearing my HoT hat (perhaps we need to market some with the HoT logo on them), but feel it would be unethical for me to cover certain issues. The obvious case would be if there are two Libertarian candidates for public office and I cover one but don’t provide equal time to the other. After the internal party debate is over and the final convention ballot is cast, I’d obviously not have any problem writing about the winner, though. The same holds true for people running for positions on the LNC or state party office. While it’s reasonable for me to promote people actually holding such office, any unbalanced coverage of people running for any party offfice would not be fair.
HoT and the LP are seperate and distinct entities and I’d expect other HoT writers and editors to continue to take a critical look at Libertarian Party issues and campaigns. However, I’m bound by my personal code of ethics to step out of this particular fray. However, there are plenty of other writers at HoT who are willing to cover such LP related matters. In fact, we have a new writer coming on board soon who plans to specialize in such issues.
If you’re a candidate (or staffer) for public or party office, please feel free to continue to send your news, releases, events or other items of interest to our tips line. If it’s newsworthy, someone here will likely cover it.