Senators Confirm their Disdain for the Constitution

With an overwhelming vote of confidence, the U.S. Senate confirmed Gen. Michael Hayden’s slot as our head spook. From M&C:

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) — As expected, U.S. Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden won confirmation Friday to be the next director of the CIA.

The U.S. Senate confirmed Hayden by an overwhelming vote of 78 to 15. More than twice as many Democrats in the Senate voted for the confirmation than voted against it.

The vote was another victory for the White House in what has been a rebound on security issues on Capitol Hill over the past two weeks. President George W. Bush`s proposals on border security, while widely criticized, have also been welcomed by many experts as a balanced and overdue response to dealing with the issue.

Just in case anyone has forgotten Hayden’s view of the Bill of Rights, its time to recirculate this video:

  1. Sen. Feingold: Opposes Nomination of General Michael Hayden to be Next CIA Director

    Contact: Zach Lowe
    (202) 224-8657

    I voted against the nomination of General Michael Hayden to be Director of the CIA because I am not convinced that the nominee respects the rule of law and Congress’s oversight responsibilities. General Hayden is highly experienced and talented. But, as Director of the NSA, General Hayden directed an illegal program that put Americans on American soil under surveillance without the legally required approval of a judge. Having finally been briefed about this program last week, I am more convinced than ever that it is illegal. Our country needs a CIA Director who is committed to fighting terrorism aggressively without breaking the law or infringing on the rights of Americans.

  2. I just entered the military and am greatful that people take the time to tell america whats really going on.

    no just if the people telling us knew….