Senate Repubicans: Cheap Johns

The GOP seems to have dropped their plan to whore out the American public for less than the going rate. From the NY Times:

Senate Republicans on Monday hurriedly abandoned a broad tax proposal opposed by the oil industry and business leaders, another sign of their struggle to come up with an acceptable political and legislative answer to high gasoline prices.

Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader, said he had decided to jettison the provision, which would have generated billions of dollars by changing the way businesses treat inventories for tax purposes. Instead, he said the Senate Finance Committee would hold hearings on the plan “later this year, so the pluses and minuses of the provision can become well known.”

In a related note, a “working girl” in D.C. was arrested for assaulting a “John”. According to reports, he tried to pay $100 for her services, but she was insulted by the piddly amount and started hitting and kicking him. Even the cops at the scene sided with the prostitute. “The typical rate to get the American public to bend over and take it is $300,” according to investigator William Frust.

Stephen Gordon

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