Senate Democrats more libertarian than their GOP counterparts…

…according to the lastest work by FreedomDemocrats.
To obtain his data, Logan Ferree took 15 Senate votes on social and defense issues and 15 Senate votes on fiscal and trade issues and placed them on this Nolan Chart. Ferree recently provided similar data about House votes. The spreadsheet is here. Ferree’s commentary mirrors mine, so I’ll blockquote him:

The major trend is the same as last time. A major divide between the parties on the social issues and a general parity in terms of just how bad they are economically. Russ Feingold is again classified as ‘libertarian’ and Ron Wyden of Oregon narrowly makes the cut as well. Interestingly Jim Jeffords of Vermont, the only Independent, receives the same exact score in both social and economic issues as Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the only Independent of the House. Go figure.

As I’ve said before, I’m not too surprised at the outcome. The Democrats are out of power right now, and in order to regain political control, they have to appeal to libertarian and moderate minded people.