SC Legislator Intends to Ship Prisoners to Foreign Prisons

We told you that they wish to outlaw sex toys in South Carolina. The same legislator who’s pushing that bill also wants to deport drug users to foreign prisons. Here’s Representative Ralph Davenport’s bill:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. Section 24-3-20(A) of the 1976 Code, as last amended by Act 406 of 1996, is further amended by adding at the end:

“Notwithstanding another provision of law, the department may enter into agreements with foreign countries for the confinement of inmates convicted of drug related offenses or offenses related to the sexual abuse of children.”

I’m wondering if Davenport intends to send drug users to black sites so they can be tortured without fear of negative media or prosecution.


Stephen Gordon

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  1. I think it’s relatively clear that if we don’t deport all the drug users in the country to Chechnya or Pakistan and torture them the terrorists will have won.

    -That is all.


    Pure insanity. Seriously, who proposes laws this insane? I mean at what point do you as a citizen have a right to defend yourself from such things?

  2. Unfortunately it’s not even a relatively *new* concept.

    Although, thankfully, I *do* believe there are *some* federal regulations/laws against such behaviors.

  3. How’s about we try it using Representative Davenport first and if it works well we’ll send the rest of the politicos?

    What a flaming A$$hat!