Save St. Petersburg’s Vigilante Hero

A great story swiped from Sploid:

A St. Petersburg man is lucky to be alive today after attempting one of the most ill-fated car thefts ever.
Randy H. Colby, 44, sped off in a white Chevy pick up stolen from the lot of an auto shop. As he approached a red light, he rear-ended the Nissan truck ahead him, necessitating yet another getaway.
Unluckily for Colby, that Nissan was driven by William McArthur Sams, 27, a man with a short temper and a semiautomatic handgun.
Sams gave chase, catching up with Colby at a traffic light. This time Colby backed into Sams before taking off.
At the next light Sams grabbed his gun and ran after Colby.
“Mr. Sams beat on the side of the pickup and then fired one round at one of the driver’s side tires, deflating the tire,” a report said.
An officer on the scene pulled her gun and order Sams to put down his gun. Before dropping his weapon Sams squeezed off another round, deflating the other front tire.
A desperate Colby made a sad effort to get away with two flat tires. It was only a matter of time before he was caught.
Colby is in jail facing charges of auto theft and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.
Sams has not yet been charged with anything, though an investigation is underway.

While it’s a good chance Sams may get off the hook, he may in fact be charged with discharging a firearm or some other stupid charge. In an effort to kill that possibility in the crib and give a big thanks to our neighborhood vigilante heroes, how about calling the St. Petersburg Police Department and asking that Sams be let go: 727-893-7780
Or alternately, St Petersburg’s Mayor’s office at 727-893-7201

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