Same Ole Shinola or New Rebel Alliance?

Up yonder at Capitol Hill Blue, Doug Thompson details the problem:

If such hyperbole [Nancy Pelosi soundbytes] sounds familiar, it may be because we heard the same bullshit 12 years ago from the Republicans.
But things won’t change if the Democrats take over. We will just replace one cadre of crooks, scoundrels, con-artists and thieves with another. Democrats and Republicans are an equal match when it comes to moral lapses, ethical challenges and lust for power.

Perhaps Thomas R. Eddlem has the solution over at

The issues the Right and Left are already working together on are related to the Constitution: (1) Exposing the Bush administration’s policy to eliminate the right to trial, as in the case of Jose Padilla, (2) Stopping the Bush practice and advocacy of torture, (3) Ending the administration’s unnecessary Iraq War, (4) Eliminating unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping, and the most objectionable parts of the PATRIOT Act, (5) Stopping multilateral trade agreements such as CAFTA, renewal of the WTO, and the upcoming Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
The current Rebel Alliance is completely ad hoc and has no formal organization, for several reasons. First, we don’t trust each other. Groups on the “paleoconservative” Right ““ those not in the Bush neoconservative orbit who have strong ideological reasons for joining an ad hoc alliance ““ include some of the organizations most disliked by leftists: The John Birch Society, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, the Rockford Institute, the “Buchanan Brigades” of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause, libertarian-leaning Lew Rockwell and his Ludwig von Mises Institute. And, of course,, where the Rebel Alliance meshes and works together best.

If we don’t start working together on issues from corruption to the erosion of our civil liberties to the War in Iraq, all of us are going to get Martin Niemöllered into extinction.