Same News, Different Day

It’s Monday morning, and there were a few things happening in the news over the weekend still untouched at HoT. Here’s a quick wrap-up.

The state of health of heads of state ain’t all that hot. Dick Cheney was just rushed to the hospital for shortness of breath while Ariel Sharon was finally able to move his right hand. The governator fell off his bike and required 15 stitches.

Bush is still pushing for Alito’s confirmation while trying to justify domestic spying programs and may be considering a regime change in Venezuala. Even the Germans say we should shut down Gitmo.

The cost of a postage stamp went up today but UPS and FedEx are still restricted from competing in the first class mail market.

DeLay is stepping down as majority leader and the elephants are trampling over each other in a mad dash for his vacated seat. The only Republican fit for the post is not even in the running for it, which clearly shows how screwed up the GOP is.

While not exactly earth shattering news, there is still violence and political unrest in the “Holy Land”. (links from but a few of the stories: 12345)

Marion Barry was robbed in DC the other day, and now David Rosenbaum was killed on a upscale NW DC street. Rosenbaum was a a longtime DC-based editor and reporter in the Washington bureau of the New York Times. One of his many claims to fame was his coverage of the 1990 budget deal in which the first President George Bush abandoned his pledge not to raise taxes. Rosenbaum also pushed for what he called “common sense” gun control laws. It is unlikely that he was carrying when he was robbed and beaten to death.

Cory Maye is still on death row and no one outside of the blogosphere cares.

An interesting experiment in the battleground between the paleomedia and the new media begins today with Howard Stern now broadcasting on Sirius Satellite Radio. If USA Today is correct in stating that Stern will avoid foul language, this one may not be a win for new media outlets.

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