Russo’s Movie Site Gets Major Facelift

thermRight.jpgThe website for Aaron Russo’s new move, “America: From Freedom to Fascism” got a facelift. They are also calling for donations on the site, and have provided a fundraising meter. From the site:

To date we’ve raised nearly $50,000 to promote and distribute “America: From Freedom to Fascism.” This film may be the best tool we’ve ever had to restore freedom to America. Please donate generously. -Aaron Russo

According to the lastest information I have on the project, the film will still open in New York City around July 20, go to Hollywood, then be released in theaters across the country. The move donations they get, the more theaters they’ll be able to release it in all at once.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Looks like aaron got some one to back him.
    CLS snaps up ‘Fascism’ doc
    Libre nabs Russo’s ‘Freedom’

    Indie distrib Cinema Libre Studio has acquired Aaron Russo’s docudocu “America: From Freedom to Fascism,” which follows the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America.

    CLS is handling the pic’s domestic theatrical release in July, as well as repping foreign sales.

    Russo’s credits as a producer include pics “Trading Places” and “The Rose.”

    “I started thinking about the state of the country today and how I had been hearing for years that there is no law that requires anyone to pay an income tax,” said the politically active helmer, who ran for governor of Nevada in 1998. “What I found out is that the IRS is only a symptom of a larger problem: that America is slowly but surely turning into a police state.”

  2. Ive talked with the VP of CLS (as well as Russo), and can absolutely confirm that a relationship between CLS and Russo exisits.