Russo’s Documentary on Google Video

Aaron Russo’s documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism, is now available at Google Video. Here’s the description from the site:

This is the “Director’s Final Cut” authorized version of Aaron … Russo’s documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF). It is being uploaded to Google Video for the first time during the evening of October 19-20th, 2006. Aaron has listened to everyone’s feedback – volunteers, students, lovers of freedom & liberty, young and old alike – and, true to his word, he is putting this up “for free” on Google Video knowing that the hour has come for Americans to either be awakened to restore the Republic or be swept aside by the dark global forces of fascism that seeks to enslave mankind.

Update: For some reason, the embedded version does not seem to be playing at the moment. However, the version on the Google link is working well on my computer.

Update by Mike Nelson: A message from Aaron Russo:

The time has arrived we are now offering the DVD for sale at the website for 19.95 or you can watch it on pay per view for $5 with the highest quality resolution on the internet or you can watch it for free on google video in a lower resolution. All of this can be done by going to the Freedom to website and clicking on your choice of how you want to view the film. The objective is to see the movie and wake up America! Have house parties and spread the message of freedom to fascism across the world. You may also sign up to become an affiliate. The ball is now in your court!

Blessings to all,
Aaron Russo

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Just completed watching the film. It was entirely worth all of the hype!

    South Dakota Libertarian and US House candidate Larry Rudebusch is running on an American monetary reform platform. After watching this film I am completely convinced that Larry is on the right track, that Congress HAS failed to occupy one of it’s most important and fundamental duties and that is to create currency and operate a national monetary system.

    I will say this about America: Freedom to Fascism, the end dealing with the one world government (although I think it is important) began to put the film into Alex Jones territory.

  2. I will say this about America: Freedom to Fascism, the end dealing with the one world government (although I think it is important) began to put the film into Alex Jones territory.

    Heaven forbid he speaks the truth!

  3. it doesn’t really matter to me whether all that NWO stuff is true or not. who cares? i’m trying to fight for freedom, regardless. why would i want to risk looking like a kook in the process? government is bad. why does it matter what they may have done or what they might do? as long as i can help to make government go away, i just don’t care about that type of speculation.

  4. i don’t think he’s running for any office. it seems that he once ran for governor of nevada and he attempted to get the nomination for president as a libertarian, but lost out. that needs to be confirmed, but i think that’s right.

  5. NWO is true. Carrol Quigley, Bill Clinton’s yoda, wrote all about it. One of the Rockefellers also admitted to it in his autobiography. Plus, there is massive evidence. What are they going to call their loose affiliation? I don’t think so.

    This looks like a GREAT Xmas gift! I’m going to back the truck up and get a few. It will be fun to rattle some Republican sycophants too.

    I would say that this is a capitulation or admission that it won’t gain traction. Just like I said from the get-go. This movie MUST NOT be seen by the masses. And it won’t be, at least not through the normal channels.

  6. I’m just saying. If you want the film to garner wide-spread appeal…

    I like Alex Jones and I contribute by purchasing his documentaries, because they are the truth and Aaron Russo’s film also spoketh the truth… I’m just saying.

  7. This movie would have been much more effective if Russo focused on the real problem: Deficit spending and congress’s irresponsible spending.

    I am also confused by Russo’s definition of a private entity. Would he consider the Supreme Court a private entity? Is any government entity that has presidential appointed officals (with senate approval) a private entity? Some might say yes, some might say no, but he needs more clarification on this matter.

    The question is asked: “Why would the Fed Gov’t borrow money and pay fees on it when it can print it itself with no interest?”

    1. Because Congress (and congress only) spends more than the gov’t takes in.
    2. Because printing money creates inflation and people tend to not like that and because the Fed is required by law to maintain low inflation they(the Fed) just can’t do that.

  8. The author of “The creature from Jekll Island” says “The young people today are conditioned … to think that credit is a wonderful thing”

    Whoa! Slow down there. I thought we were talking about the federal government here. Is Russo suggesting that individuals are incapable of managing their own finances? Maybe he thinks we’re too stupid and irresponsible. And what does that have to do with the gov’t? The money you borrow has no impact whatsoever, not even is it relevant, to gov’t borrowing. Straw man here.

    And then theres (this asshole): Catherine Austin Fitts who says: “The decision was made lets get all the debt up, lets move the jobs abroad and instead of reengineering your skills, we’re gonna dumb down America”

    What is Russo trying to pull here? That is total BS.

    The Fed reserve system is designed to allow for deficit spending. But if congress didn’t overspend, the Fed wouldn’t borrow. I would have really liked to see Russo focus on the real problem, its a damn shame.

  9. The Fed encourages investment by controlling inflation and maintaining stability. Gold is deflationary. There can be no investment in a gold-based economy.

    All you gold standard loons should just join the Amish and deflate into oblivion.

    “Labor is the great cause of the increase of public opulence, which is always proportioned to the industry of the people, and not to the quantity of gold and siliver, AS IS FOOLISHLY IMAGINED.” – Adam fucking Smith

  10. the fed encouraging investment is part of the problem in that it manipulates the economy to do what it, under natural circumstances would not do. it is an interventionist entity interrupting the constant process of self correction.

    inflation doesn’t happen in a gold standard. i want someone to tell me why a deflationary environment is a bad thing. prices for goods and services dropping in a market environment? sounds good to me. similar to the conditions present from 1800 through 1913 when we were on the gold standard.

    the statement that there can be no investment in a gold standard is ludicrous. inflation HURTS investment by making the future value of the dollar lower than the current value. unlike the inflationary fed model, the gold standard has no impact on the time preference of resource allocation, making it an inherently better medium for investment.

    that adam smith quote says as much in that labor is the reason for investment, not quantity of gold (or money).

  11. re brian g

    In gold-back currency: Mining more gold = inflation
    In fiat currency: printing money = inflation

    Deflation is bad because you expect a raise from your job. Business’s need to be able to predict the cost of pay raises in the future. Deflation makes this hard, if not impossible to do.

    Do you know how pension funds and insurance companies operate? You pay a premium in return for a reimbursement at some time in the future that exceeds the amount you paid in. The premiums you pay are invested in the stock market, bond market, etc. If you had no idea if your money was going to be worth more or less in the future then it would be nearly impossible invest it, it would just be a guessing game.

    How would you feel if your house burned down and your insurance company told you “We’re sorry, gold has depreciated over the past 2 years so we don’t have any money to give you right now, come back later when the gold market is up”

  12. you’re right about mining. it is gold inflation, though it is still the minimg of a valuable commodity as opposed to fiat currency such as the dollar which is backed by faith only.

    pay raises are a function of business policy. they are awarded for any number of non-economy related reasons. the only economy related reasons for pay raises is counteract inflation , which is negligable in the gold standard. in a deflationary environment, purchasing power is constantly increasing as the prices of goods and services constantly decrease, effectively creating virtual pay raises automatically.

    i used to be an analyst at a fund, so i’m very familiar with how funds operate and i can tell you in no unspecific terms, regardless of the dollar standard, investment is, by nature, a guessing game.

    gold doesn’t really appreciate or depreciate. it is the dollar whose value flucuates, so if the dollar were tied to gold, there would be no gold/dollar market to speak of.

  13. Mining for gold does not create inflation in a gold-based economy, since the amount of gold entering the economy is equal to the amount of wealth created. That is like saying that getting paid on Friday creates inflation. However, a fractional reserve banking system would create more money than wealth when gold is mined (not that that is a bad thing, but the act of mining itself does not create inflation).

    Considering Russo’s ignorance on basic tax laws, I’m not too inclined to see this documentary. He leans too much towards the Irwin-Schiff/Joe Bannister con-artist side for me to take him seriously.

  14. Yes George, we should contemplate it and then figure out what exactly caused that inflation. And then when we understand what happened, make casual references to it but make no effort to share anything meaningful to the topic at hand. But hey, at least it makes you look smart without much effort.

  15. spain imported a lot of imperial gold at the time. along with excessive state debt, they declared bankruptcy twice.

  16. Okay, you need to be told what deflation is a bad thing?

    Say you’re a farmer. You borrow $100,000. At the time, 1 million bushels of your crop are worth $100,000. Over time, deflation makes it so it requires 2 million, 5 million, and then 10 million bushels to repay that $100,000 loan. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BORROW. Banks cannot lend without offering negative interest rates. Thus, there is no investment and no economic growth.

    And inflation absolutely can occur in a gold standard. Read THE WEALTH OF NATIONS. It has happened. It could happen again. More likely, deflation would be the order of the day, since the population grows at a rate faster than the gold supply.

    Gold is bunk. It is the fiat currency of feudal governments. It has very little intrinsic value. If you’re stranded on LOST, what do you want? Apples? Wood? or Gold? What the fuck do you do with the gold? Make your girlfriend a necklace? I’m sure she’ll appreciate it while she is starving with no shelter.

  17. To clarify…yes inflation can occur in a gold standard, but not from the act of mining gold. Inflation is the growth of the money supply at a faster rate than the growth of wealth. If I find $100 worth of gold, the money supply has increased by $100 and wealth has increased by $100. Fractional reserve banking practicing, where banks loan out more money than they have wealth, does create inflation. That is how inflation occurs during a gold standard.

    Gold has a lot of intrinsic value. It is used for jewelry and in many other industries (computers for one). Would the folks on LOST want copper? No, but that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t value copper, say a business that makes cat5 cabling.

    Gold is worth what, over $600 an ounce? How can one claim that it is not valuable. That statement boggles the mind!

    Deflation, like inflation, benefits some and harms others. For a good example of the benefits of delation, look in front of you at your computer monitor =)

  18. obviously, that analysis is flawed. i’m quite sure that in the deflationary environment between 1800 and 1913 people could afford to borrow – because they did. banks didn’t offer negative rates and i’m reasonably sure there was investment and economic growth considering our economy went from middling to one of the greatest on earth.
    i suggest that those interested in the topic read up on it. it speaks for itself.

  19. self described libertarians defending the “federal” “reserve”? … awesome. the fed’s a the tool of the fractional-reserve banking system to put cash created out of nothing into the economy. once deposited, a bank can loan up to 9 times the amount with a flick of a pen while collecting interest. it’s an age-old trick, and although russo over-simplifies the issue for the audience – he’s close enough.

    these major banks wrote the legislation that regulates their own industry (for the “common good” of course). russo is an individualist. the “dumbing down” and “conditioned to… love credit” lines in the film were meant to demonstrate how much influence these institutions have in shaping mass-popular opinion. most people think the new deal saved america. go figure.

    gold/silver have held their value quite well over the centuries. paper currency with no actual commodity backing is a scam upon the “free” people of the us (and world). but ok, keep supporting the business cycle.

  20. andrew’s comment made me think that mine @6:57p.m. might be perceived as a response to tom’s @4:15p.m.

    it was in regards to U_A’s @2:33p.m.

    i can’t stand to think that i might be linked somehow with defending the state.

    BTW – good point andrew

  21. I thought the movie was good but to short. Gold may not be the way to go, I would have concede that. If the goverment that is in servatude to the people issued money that would be much much better.

    The Rockafeller’s familys own words and other famous banking famalies words are enough to damn the private banking systems from ever being entrusted with this type of power (printing money).

    To bad we allow it. Oh well, back to picking the cotton and argueing ’bout gold. Just be sure to shush now when Master comes ’round.

  22. Yes, farmers did borrow during this period at positive rates of inflation, but only because they had no other choice. There was no free market. And their debts grew at huge rates due to deflation, which normally resulted in the eventual forfeiture of their property to the bank and nearly led to a socialist revolution.

    Sometimes government force works. Are you all so dull to deny this? It doesn’t mean it is RIGHT, but you have to acknolwedge that the government has not fucked up every single thing it has ever touched.

    Japan was in a deflationary environment the past several years. Interest rates were 0% and still people wouldn’t borrow because of deflation.

  23. I will not acknolwedge that the fed gov hasn’t fucked up everything it touches. To imply it has gotten some things right is absurd.

    Please prove me wrong and tell me which gov programs since FDR have been successes and I investigate these programs. If they be true successes I will bow down to undercover_anarchist, worship at his feet, hand over my first born and willingly perform sexaul favors upon demand.

  24. F2F: great movie, but the pace picks up a lot toward the end. The beginning is kinda boring. Lots of good material, but many viewers might tune out and not get to the good stuff. I would have recommended arranging the material differently.

    TerrorStorm also rocks.

  25. Easy, David. The Federal Reserve. It has presided over the greatest era of prosperity in the history of civilization.

    Secondly, World War II. Fascism was defeated, at least for the time being.

    Third, the Civil Rights Act.

    Fourth, the interstate highway system.

    Fifth, the GI BIll.

    I could go on and on.

    It doesn’t mean that these things are “libertarian” or “moral” or even “worth it,” but they achieved their objectives.

    If you suggest that the government has never made any situation better in the history of government, then you are living in a loony fantasy world.

    A competing field of commodity-backed currencies and privately issued bank notes would be more “free” and “moral” than the Fed system. But we would also be living at a pre-WWII standard without the Fed. If you disagree with this, then you don’t know anything about markets. That’s the real problem – “Libertarians’ understand economics about as well as Democrats do.

  26. It’s official. UA has absolutely no understanding of the business cycle and cannot be taught. He’s too “knowledgeable and intelligent” to learn anything of any use whatsoever. He won’t even review the material because he knows better. Unless you are a Keynesian professor in a government-sponsor institution vomiting rubbish theories as fact, you have nothing worthy of his ear.

    He’s also too smart to notice that LTCM, Asian Crisis, Y2K stock market crash, depressions and recessions and continuously higher prices for everything is caused by the “stable” prices and value of fiat currency/central banking. Not to mention that the average family is worse of.

    The idea itself is utterly Soviet. Central planning is admitted to being a horrific idea no matter the subject – except for banking and currency, which is consequently genius.

    UA, you have been taught wrong. All those courses? Propaganda. Economic bizarro land. Accept the cognitive dissonance and make yourself better for it.

  27. Thank you UA for some starting points. I investigate each of the five items you have listed and report back if they have succeded in the goals that were put in place at the inception of each of these programs.

    Tis true, I know very little bout them Markets. But one does not have to have the insight of DiVinci to see that our current system has not made indiviuals better off, standard of living wise, then pre WWII. Before you go off on a tangent, UA, about how people make more per capita then pre WWII, this was just a small portion to the whole concept of standard of living I was implying.

    Yes, I make more then my father (I am a fluke, most people my age do not make more then thier fathers, inflation adjusted) but I also work longer hours per week, less vacation time and can be “reached” at any time 24 hours a day 365 days year. My Blackberry is my slave chain and collar. Better standard of living? No, but I do make more.

    Anyway, to the research!

  28. I agree that these programs succeeded in achieving their goals. I just don’t believe the goals were the mainly publicized ones.