Russo Launches Website for New Documentary

Former Libertarian Party prenomination presidential candidate Aaron Russo has launched a website to promote his new film America: From Freedom to Fascism. So far, the site includes screening information, a trailer, and some bio information.

Right now, there are three QuickTime (must download V7.0) filesizes available. I spoke with Russo’s website developer yesterday, and he said he plans to also provide a flash and .wmv format of the trailer soon.

I talked with Russo, as well. He stated that the line was around the block at the Beverly Hills screening the other day. To the best of my knowledge, each screening has had an overflow audience, so far.

I’ll be expecting them to be updating the schedule page on the website before long. We The People generally has pretty good scheduling information, as well.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. He should just provide a direct download link for each size, so those of us on Linux boxes can watch it. I downloaded the video (after poking around for the URL) and it plays fine.

  2. I had to poke around for the URL first time, too. It was easy to find in the source, though.

  3. I saw this last week in Beverly Hills. The showing was “sold out” (free). I waited with at least 100 people for 2 and a half hours for the second showing which Aaron arranged in order to get us in.

    The exit polls were raves. They told us it was worth the wait (“twice the wait”). I had to wonder whether this was because the film preached to the choir, but I was not disappointed. There were more than 100 people in the second showing, so I assume many stayed to see it again.

    The film is rough and has a home-made feel. It reminded me of the original “The Gods Must Be Crazy” in the sense that it achieves an overtone of powerful ideas, has a core of feeling, a great deal of humor, and you wonder how it’s done. In this case using a collage of clips and interviews.

    I’m still buzzing. Any film that makes the audience buzz has legs. I can’t wait until it gets distribution. See it if you can! If you’re an LP candidate, be there to greet the audience when they exit.

  4. The movie chilled us to the bone. We entered the theatre already knowing about the fraud but still we were knocked back on our heels.

    Believing the truth isn’t taking the easy road in life. So be prepared for the change that is coming.

    Say NO to the chip. Say NO to the National I.D. Re-new your Passports NOW before the ePassports in Spring 2006. Ask to see the LAW!!!!! Pratice peaceful and Civil Civil Disobedience

    We meant people from all over the country who had come just for the screening. I’m so proud of the parents who brought their kids! Thanks Mr. Russo and God Bless You.