Rosenbaum Murder: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

David RosenbaumNormally I try and shy away from anything that remotely resembles conspiracy theory here at Hammer of Truth (simply because such mental masturbation is a really good way to kill your credibility and get labelled a tin-foil hat wearer).

However, when I saw that cryptogon had simply put two and two together on the strange death of New York Times editor/reporter David E. Rosenbaum and his latest investigative journalism (December 24, 2005 — Alito Memo in ’84 Favored Immunity for Top Officials), I find the coincidences to be a little to odd not to at least share. From cryptogon’s original post:

This was the last article written by New York Times reporter and editor, David E. Rosenbaum. He was murdered on January 8th.

One of Alito’s harshest critics (with any kind of audience), beaten to death during a robbery.

This sends a concise message to critics of the regime. F*ck with us too much, and you’re dead. You know, like Barb advocates:

The attorney general should be immune from lawsuits for ordering wiretaps of Americans without permission from a court, Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, wrote in a memorandum in 1984 as a government lawyer in the Reagan administration.

And if you really want to delve into it, there’s at least one site dedicated to covering every tinfoil hat angle of this. Including another strange item: while Rosenbaum’s wallet was stolen, his watch and wedding ring were still on and his portable radio lay next to him.

Anyways, I thought it was interesting, come to your own conclusions.

Update: Looks like a coincidence after all. Turns out the dumb assailant accidentally turned himself in (and later confessed) after walking into a police station to ask why his face was on TV in connection with using the stolen credit cards.

It’s always funny to see how the tin-foil hat crowd backtracks and this will be a good case study to watch.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. In strangeness and coincidence, this may rival the deaths of James Forrestal and Vince Foster.

  2. the other shoe drops…

    WASHINGTON – A suspect in the beating death of New York Times reporter David Rosenbaum turned himself in to police Thursday night after TV stations broadcast surveillance images showing his face.

    Michael Hamlin, 23, of Washington, saw one of the broadcasts and went to the 7th District police station “inquiring why his face was on TV,” said Metropolitan Police Detective Anthony Paci.

    Hamlin arrived at the police station around 6:20 p.m. EST and confessed to the crime shortly thereafter, Paci said.

    Earlier, investigators released surveillance videos showing a man who may have used a credit card stolen from Rosenbaum.

    Police said the credit card had been used seven times since Rosenbaum’s death, to buy a total of $1,300 worth of merchandise.

  3. I’m not sure why you believe that the “conspiracy” part of this seems *less* likely because the suspect TURNED HIMSELF IN. *GOING TO THE POLICE STATION AFTER COMMITTING A BRUTAL CRIME SEEMS LIKE PRETTY ODD BEHAVIOR TO ME.*

  4. The tinfoil hat crowd isn’t backtracking. They’re trying to claim that Hamlin is some kind of patsy. Look for conspiracy claims saying that he was paid a large sum of money to kill Rosenbaum and go to jail for it. Look for conspiracy claims that Hamlin will either escape or be killed while in custody. This should be kind of fun to watch.

  5. Well, I guess with the recent events the conspiracy theroy is blown to bits.