ROFL of the Day: Diebold as Secure as a Wells-Fargo Truck

DieboldMan.jpgDon’t click the picture unless you wish to see Diebold Sales Rep ‘Buck’ Jones demonstrating a Touch-Screen Voting Machine as the Mississippi Secretary of State declares it “The Most Secure Thing Outside of a Wells-Fargo Truck!” From BradBlog:

Not long after Jones says to the camera: “I’m not gonna see it on the Internet or anything like that, right?”, Mississippi Secretary of State, Eric Clark declares incredibly: “I think this is the best machine that’s available in the country. That’s what I think. And that’s based on a lot of folks who have studied it. And I think it was already secure without the voter-verifiable paper trail. But I think it is so secure now, it is the most secure thing outside of a Wells-Fargo truck!”

Diebold: Voting for AmeriKa so you don’t have to.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Not really a compelling video, per se… but I did like how the guy who heads the meeting just decided he has more important business so he’s gonna leave (show ’em the DVD, hyuck!), security questions be damned.

  2. Why do so many election officials act as if they represent the voting companies rather than the voter?

    Who, inside the system, does represent us?

    Firstly, shouldn’t the wining and dining of election officials be outlawed?