Robber Sues His Victims

Guy tries to hold up an AutoZone at gunpoint. Employees beat would be robber with a metal pipe and take his gun. Robber sues employees for the beating. From the AP:

Dana Buckman, 46, walked into an auto shop brandishing a semiautomatic pistol last summer, only to have it turned on him by two AutoZone employees, police said. The men beat Buckman with a metal pipe and held him with his own gun.

Buckman escaped and was arrested a week later.

He pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery and was sentenced to 18 years in prison as a repeat violent felon.

Buckman claims the men chased him out of the store and continued to beat him. He is suing the auto shop and the men for the injuries he suffered and for emotional distress.

“In some respects, you wonder if a case like this even needs a defense. It speaks for itself,” said lawyer Patrick B. Naylon, who represents AutoZone and the employees.

I’d sure love to be selected as a juror in this trial.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. I wouldnt. That rat bastard would surely get a juror that would vote for him, becuase juries are only chosen for one reason these days: Becuase the lawyers believe they are made up of the most ignorant and easily led people possible. No one else ever makes it through the selection process.

    He would get at least one juror and maybe more that would vote to award the robber with untold millions, based on his color, his sad childhood, his ongoing drug abuse and /or alcoholism, his problems with child molestation….you get the picture.

    When you use force against someone in self defense, ALWAYS KILL THEM DEAD. You might do time anyways no matter what, but at least the bitch will be dead and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what happens to you.

    then when you both get to hell you can spend all eternity chasing each other around with pitchforks… :D

  2. That is why in Michigan the State Senate Okd a bill that would “allow” people to use deadly force if they felt threatened and would protect them from civil lwasuit. Of cousre, when you read the las paragraph in the article it says that the law would not cover situation in which the police is involved. So if a rouge cop threatens your life, you are SOL, you just have to let him kill you, I guess.

  3. Tim ~ Is that why I never get called for jury duty? Go figure.

    I sincerely hope this guy gets what he deserves – 17 1/2 more years in prison. Maybe if he wins, though, he’ll be able to stay off of welfare for a couple of years.

  4. Human beings are animals, too. When the adrenaline is pumping, they can go overboard, and that’s true no matter who started it.

  5. maybe the guy was high at the time and he can sue the government for not winning the war on drugs

  6. wait no even better his dream was to fix his car for his ailing (insert sickned family member) and had to rob it because society doesnt afford him the necessary education to provide for his family.

  7. This is another good reason to pack a firearm. If the employees had used a firearm instead of a piece of pipe, this would not even be news now. The robber would be dead and the employees would have been given an award for being upstanding brave citizens. Their pictures would have been in the paper and patrons of the local taverns would have bought them beers.