Republicans Continue to Defend Torture

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales defended torture, yet again. From The Daily Telegraph:

“I think that the United States has suffered a bit because of the fact that when the war began we were facing such a new and dire threat from Al Qaeda, not knowing whether or not there would be a second wave that the United States took some very aggressive measures,” Mr Gonzales said.

“We did not for a period of time get out and explain to our friends and allies and even perhaps to the people in the United States what we were doing and why we did it because of the nature of the threat” and the fear of leaking information, he added.

Mr Gonzales, in Vienna for meetings with European Union ministers, told a small group of reporters that US officials “can do a better job (communicating) and that’s why I welcome the opportunity to come and talk with you today.”

We know the official US policy on torture, both foreign and domestic:

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