Republicans Favor Big Government Once Again

I’m adding the emphasis. From the NY Times:

“This isn’t a cut,” he said of his plan to cut $36 billion over five years out of the Medicare program by changing the formulas that govern its growth. “People call it a cut in Medicare. That’s not a cut. It’s slowing down the rate of growth. It’s the difference between slowing your car down to go the speed limit, or putting your car in reverse.”

Let me see. Republicans control the House. Republicans control the Senate. There’s a Republican in the White House. With all those resources available, the morons can’t even cut spending. Aside from war and torture and domestic spying, WTF are they good for?

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Stephen,

    Didn’t you hear Hanity. They are not cutting spending because of 9/11. They are for small government they just need to bankrupt us to fight the terrorists.

  2. Ha, well said Jake. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is blasting Bush for cutting spending in too many social programs in the new budget. The arguement is not whether or not to cut spending, but how much we should slow its growth… argh

  3. It amazes me, the amount of apoplexy over the thirty-plus billion in spending cuts… over a five-year period.

    Proves that Dems just can’t stand to NOT spend more money, every year, than the previous. But, same goes for our current crop of “Republicans”.

  4. keith, what part of NINE TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT inplies a cut in anything? get it? NINE TRILLION DOLLARS. This isn’t just “can I bum a sawbuck to eat until payday”, this is serious fiscal irresponsibility here. Yet you still attempt to shill for the fucktards in office by claiming that the furor is over cuts. The real furor is that the US goverment is spending about 1 1/3 dollars for every dollar it brings in. Do that with your household budget for just three months and see if you are even close to solvent at the end of that period

  5. Another big problem is the “there is no other way to come up with the money” people who expect the government to pay for everything. Some people want their candy for free, no taxes and huge government spending.

    If the government did actually budget their money there would be a lot of programs cut and wiped from the books.

    Do we actually need to spend close to 500 billion dollars to have a great military? Where does all that money go?

    Shrink the military, homeland security and education budgets by 30 percent and tell the people working in those departments to get creatively conservative with the money they get. Great things can happen if you have limits that focus your creativity.

  6. Hold on there, John… I’m not shilling for anyone. I’d do away with at least 75% of our present government, were I dictator for a day… okay, it’d take longer than a day, but you get the idea.

  7. The GOP has always been about promoting despotism. Always will be. In the name of liberty, no less. I don’t understand why that is so hard for people to understand.

    I highly recommend people educate themselves about currency and banking including the Federal Reserve System. Then, explain it to people. Sound money is the number one issue that libertarians should be talking about. When the dollar is bust, “arrangements” will be likely be made and it will involve Joe Sixpack trading ALL his liberties to his government in exchange for the right to keep his mortgage. OR, we will be able to get people to go with sound, free market currency. You absolutely cannot have limited government AND fiat currency. Fiat currency is what all empires require to sustain themselves – war abroad, bread and circuses at home. Those things cost money. Human desires are unlimited and resources are finite and scarce.

  8. I’m beginning to think limited government, even TOKEN limited government, is impossible in America.

    The point I was trying to make a few comments back was, every time a *cut in the rate of spending increase* is proposed (let alone an actual CUT), the leftists start yelping and hand-wringing to the public about how old people are gonna starve and kids aren’t going to get educated. It’s a no-win. Most Americans are programmed to believe everything pours from the magic fountain in Washington D.C., and we have to raise taxes only on “the rich”.

    This is also why REAL tax reform is nigh-impossible. I’m not talking about Bush’s candyass “tax cut”… I mean *real* cuts and, eventually, drastic reform like the FairTax. Can’t be takin’ power from the Almighty FedGov…

    Sad, isn’t it?