Rep. Kennedy: Boozing and Cruising? Well, He Certainly Smashed His Car Up Nicely

Patrick KennedyOne of our favorite congressmen, representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) seems to have a run of bad luck lately. First he’s hit in the mouth by a hammer with a possible vendetta, then his car tries to kill him as he’s pulling into a CVS parking lot (where a police officer’s pen then tried to finish off the job), now we learn that his doctor is to blame for mixing the toxic drug cocktail Ambien (a sleep aid) and Phenergan (an anti-nausea medication) which caused him to… and I quote the police investigation part here:

Earlier yesterday, Cannon said officers at the scene thought Kennedy was staggering and might have been intoxicated. They called for supervisors over the radio, and the supervisors drove Kennedy home, he said.

Cannon said officers were upset that supervisors prevented them from conducting a more thorough investigation, which might have included sobriety tests. “The officers just want to be able to do their jobs,” he said.

He said if officers had administered a breath test for alcohol, “that certainly would have showed he wasn’t on anything, wouldn’t it?”

Police sources said officers noticed Kennedy’s Mustang shortly before the crash because he nearly drove head-on into a Capitol Police car. The Mustang’s lights were off, the sources said. The officer turned his patrol car around to pursue Kennedy, whose car then crashed into the barrier, the sources said.

When police approached, the sources said, Kennedy got out of his car and said he was late for a vote. The House had not been in session for hours.

From getting hammered in the face to driving hammered into a wall (and the car tried to kill a cop too, just like in Carrie Christine!), poor Kennedy may want to rethink his strategy of having “never worked a fucking day in [his] life.” Because eventually the tools will revolt against the tool who refuses to use them.

Or… not.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. No matter what he was taking this is what we should be going after, people who are driving like maniacs. It doesn’t matter if it is because of alcohol or something else. If you aren’t driving crazy even if you had alcohol you are not being a menace on the road.

    I am sure this guy will get off with out even a ticket, while if it was someone else they would have been thrown in jail for at least the night.

  2. Slight correction. The Steven King killer car was “Christine”, not Carrie.

  3. “Cannon said officers were upset that supervisors prevented them from conducting a more thorough investigation”


  4. When will the Kennedys quit receiving carte blanche? What kind of people keep these drunk prima donnas in power. Can we all say disfuctional together? Patrick Kennedy was born with a 2.0 Alcohol level and a silver shot glass in his hand. Ted Kennedy is not only a horrible Politician but an absolute failure as a Father.

  5. Paul… woops, got my King reference mixed up. Still, shows how much of a horror nerd I was back when I got into reading for fun.

  6. Daniel,

    To have conducted a “more thorough investigation” would have been fruitless. Unless I am mistaken, refusing a breathalyzer test, had he been told to take one, would have been a misdemeanor — in other words, not treason, breach of peace or a felony, which are the only things a congresscritter can be arrested for when coming or going while Congress is in session. Why waste police time investigating something for which an arrest couldn’t be made?

    Besides, Kennedy strikes me as an honest guy — what other congresscritter would publicly admit he’s never worked a day in his life? He probably was actually screwed up on the meds. Happens all the time.

  7. Kennedy is no different than any other politician. He is privledged. He gets special treatment from law enforcement, the same way Rush Limbaugh or other media and hollywood elites get treated when it comes to drug use or other intoxication.

    Republicans (and their media) are going to roast him, and spin this like he was drunk.

    Democrats (and their media) are going to defend him, blame things on the medication, say he was just tired. Then they will shift the topic to Cheney, who was also not breathilized after shooting someone in the face and torso on a caged hunt style hunting trip.

    It is possible that he was not drunk, but was drowsy due to ambien. That is a REAL effect, that many do not know about. Rather than focus on what substance impaired Kennedy, it would be more productive to focus on the special treatment that our politicians and elite enjoy that would surely be more thoroughly investigated if we, the other 99% of the polulation, were in the same position.

  8. Do you actually know Patrick? His history?

    Live a day in his shoes. Know the individual.

    Conservative fake media bias strikes again.

    (And as to the questions, yes, I do.)

  9. You live in his shoes?

    Seriously, chill out. We’re poking fun at a guy who’s had more accidents with cars and tools in 3 weeks than Bush’s falls off bikes in his whole presidency (which I say is also pretty damn funny). Stop living with a stick up your butt and laugh at these dolts we’ve been sending to D.C.

  10. Ambien makes folks drowsy. It comes with a warning label instructing the user not to drive when you are on it. So Patrick was either drunk or stupid, either way we are suppose to feel better because he was casting votes on Thrusday. Doesn’t help much here. Limbaugh is being prosectucted for the Prescription pill ordeal. I think that is a bit different then the ride home from the cops Kennedy got. On a final note, didn’t this guy go through treatment. Wouldn’t popping benzo’s be a dumb move for someone who is in “recovery” anyway?????

  11. the only problem I have with this is that it shows how bad off we are. When your famous family name and the money behind it (obtained by ILLEGAL DRUG SELLING of BOOZE during prohibition
    by Father Joe) is enough to assure you a seat in Congress, no matter how bad a fucking bumbler you are, it later than we think.

    take away the name and the money, and you are looking at a guy who hits the ceiling as a Wal Mart nighttime stocker.

  12. So how much did the pill-defence cost Pat? We will never know, of course, but guesstimation is certainly within the purview of we the hoi polloi. Nineteen hours passed from the time of the accident to the press release. There was certainly a team of lawyers working on this – and others counting as fractions of a lawyer (like slaves before the Civil War). Suppose it was five lawyer-equivalents on average. That’s a hundred billable hours at say $500/hr. In other words, this excuse cost $50k – more or less.

    Let’s put that number in an alcoholic perspective. Supposed you placed a 40 of Schlitz Malt Liquor every six inches, starting at the Capitol steps. Pat’s row of soldiers would reach across the Potomac to Arlington Cemetery. That’s a lot of hooch. From the perspective of the Capital’s citizens, which do you think would have been the better investment of Kennedy’s inheritance?

    I’m thinking the lawyers, but admit I may be in the minority.

  13. “Nineteen hours passed from the time of the accident to the press release. ”

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Take a look at this excerpt from wikipedia about what his dad did after killing Mary Jo:

    He rested for twenty minutes, then walked back to the Lawrence Cottage … Ted summoned his cousin, Joe Gargan, and another friend, Paul Markham, to return to the scene of the accident. Ted sat in the back of a white Plymouth Valiant rental car that Kopechne had used that day. Though there was a working telephone at this location, none of the group phoned for police or rescue help. Kennedy then returned to the submerged car with Gargan and Markham who then resumed trying to reach her. . .

    Kennedy did not report the accident to authorities. He was contacted by tthe local police after they had identified the car. He had, in the meantime, discussed the accident with several people, including his attorney…

  14. Next time I’m pulled over for drunk driving can I tell them I’m late for a vote, then get away scott-free too?