Reflections on Deaths Caused by Gun Control Laws

CNN has some interesting video as well as a .pdf transcript from the flight voice recorder on United Air Lines Flight 93, the plane which crashed in a Pennsylvania field on 9/11. Obviously, this pertains to the ongoing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, where the government just rested its case.
40 brave people died in that crash. Reading the transcript reminded me that this entire incident could have been avoided if the government hadn’t stripped us of our right to self-defense while on an airplane.
From watching the video and reading the transcript, it’s very obvious that the passengers resisted and wished to defend themselves. I’m sure this was the case with the other planes, as well. Had but a few of the passengers been carrying concealed weapons, the entire disaster could have easily been avoided.
Have we, as a country, learned anything from 9/11? Yes, we’ve learned that nail clippers are deadly weapons, not to wear smelly socks in the security line, that we must carry ID with us, Bic lighters are contraband — and to suffer indignity after indignity for trying to get from one place to another.
This isn’t an apology for the bad guys. But we have to remember that there will always be bad guys — and we have the right to defend ourselves from them. I’m still mad that 9/11 happened — and even madder that our elected officials haven’t learned one damned thing from the tragedy.
Until our Second Amendment rights are restored, we will be under the constant threat of airplane hijackings. In exchange for this increased level of danger, we have the privilege of losing more and more of our civil liberties. Why isn’t CNN covering this angle, too?