Recent Zeese Interview

Here’s a recent interview of Kevin Zeese worth taking the time to watch. Zeese is the Libertarian, Green and Populist candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland. Here’s the interview description from Zeese’s website:

Kevin Zeese spent a day in Salisbury, MD last week. Among the events he participated in was appearing on a local television show, Backtalk. The host, Joel Roache, is a Democratic Precinct Captain and an activist with The half hour interview covered a wide range of topics ““ the Iraq War, the economy, the environment, health care and the straight jacket of the two party system.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Salisbury is where I used to live and the subject of my comments about the “only 2 non-related people can live together” law. It’s also where the Philosophy professor ( head of dept) gave me an F because I said I suppported individualism/capitalism- basically traumitized me and ended my college experience.

    So I’m glad to see anything of value other than Perdue chicken and socialist education coming out of that place.

  2. You let a professor “traumatize you” and “end your college experience”?? Sound like a Democrat to me.

  3. … Libertarian & Populist candidate?

    I understand it. I even *get* it. And it’s a good move.

    But still; next thing you know dogs and cats will be raining from the sky… carried on the backs of flying pigs!

  4. When it comes down to the question of Corporatists vs. the enemies of Corporate Welfare, for example, strange bedfellows do mingle on both sides. That is what is happening in my campaign and the result is that many of the leading progressives in Austin are supporting my Libertarian campaign for Texas State Senate. The amazing thing is that I have not had to change any of my political positions to win that support. What remains to be seen is if the Republicans will line up in lock step against my hated Democratic opponent or not. I fear that some Republicans may be drinking too much of the corporate welfare koolaid and therefore may be willing to support anyone prepared to grant tax dollars to their favorite corporate welfare recipients. We shall see…

  5. Republican will probably vote Democratic or stay home. NEVER underestimate the stupidity of a Republican. They are the dumbest and most stubborn within the electorate. I wouldn’t count on getting ONE vote from them. The fact that progressives are supporting you will lose every Republican vote you would have otherwise gotten. Republicans are disgusting human beings of a lesser god.

  6. DD, you must of had an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend that was a republican that really did you in or something. I don’t think I have seen a post from you that did not include calling Republicans idiots or something along those lines. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Get over it. I think we all understand that you don’t like republicans or former republicans, just stop using the same old republican bashing in every post that you do. It seems very childish to me and makes us libertarians look like idiots.

  7. This guy wants an ‘Apollo program’ or ‘Manhatten Project’ for ‘energy independence’.

    Why doesn’t the Maryland LP just give up and join the Greens?