Rape a Country as Well as Its Women

The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.
tr.v. raped, rap·ing, rapes
To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.
To seize and carry off by force.
To plunder or pillage (www.dictionary.com)

I read earlier on Yahoo News that a soldier admitted knowledge of the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and her family. The most current reports seem to make light of the earlier one.

I know, from personal experience, that there are many heros in Iraq. One in a Marine uniform. I will respect his wife and children by not disclosing his identity, but I would be irresponsible if I did not admit that the actions of a few have marred his achievement. I have friends and family, ex-military, who tell me that the Iraq war is strategically sound. They tell me that it doesn’t matter that Saddam had nothing of a threatening nature. It doesn’tmatter that we invaded a country based on lies. It’s an “ends justify their means” mentality and I guess I am too stupid to get it.

But, I am a woman, living in an almost (but used to be) free country. And I know, based on the reporting, that the Iraqi woman was raped twice. And rape is the most anti-liberty action I can imagine.

  1. None of this news comes as a surprise. After all, what else can you expect when the government these troops kill for is filled with criminals and liars. Governments, like fish, rot from the head down.

  2. I don’t think the good actions of the rest are marred by the bad ones of others. Most, the vast majority of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, not to mention civillians of the DOD are doing a good job. They also should not be confused with the policy makers, because they are not.

    If you disagree with the policy, then disagree with the policy makers, which also include Congress, not just the White House.

    Regarding the rape and other crimes that have occurred, unlike under the former Iraqi Regime, those who have committed crimes, are being punished.

  3. Criminal acts occur throughout societies and cultures worldwide. It is universal. Why would it not occur within the military or law enforcement? It is not a question of whether it occurs and condemning an entire group for the actions of a small minority but whether our country can rise above it, ferret out the misfits, prosecute them and punish the guilty.

    The travesty is many that hate a particular group whether it be military or an ethnic group accuse the entire group of criminality for the actions of a few. That is not fair.

  4. In WW2 a number of GIs were convicted of rape. IIRC in those days they could hang for it.

  5. “Regarding the rape and other crimes that have occurred, unlike under the former Iraqi Regime, those who have committed crimes, are being punished.”

    I’m sure the ones who were murdered will feel much better about the fact that the US criminal government sometimes punishes it’s thugs (maybe a year of house arrest?) whiile Sadam let his go free. AmeriKKKa, what a country!

  6. Here’s what your government does with the money it
    steals from you. Makes you proud to be Mercan (as
    Bushie would say),doesn’t it? Aren’t you proud
    Mercans are the most upstandingly moral people in the
    world? Why shouldn’t Mercans rule the world when they
    are so morally superior?


    GIs may have planned Iraq rape, slayings By RYAN LENZ,
    Associated Press Writer
    18 minutes ago

    Investigators believe American soldiers spent nearly a
    week plotting an attack in which they raped an Iraqi
    woman, then killed her and her family in an
    insurgent-ridden area south of Baghdad, a U.S.
    military official said Saturday.

    The official, speaking on condition of anonymity
    because the investigation is ongoing, said the attack
    appeared “totally premeditated” and that the soldiers
    apparently “studied” the family for about a week
    before carrying out

  7. Here’s more of rape, murder and mayhem your government is committing in your name with your money. And you wonder why the rest of the world hates you…

    out the attack.

    According to the official, the Sunni Arab family had
    just moved into a new home in the religiously mixed
    area about 20 miles south of Baghdad. The Americans
    entered the home, separated three family members from
    the woman, then raped her and set fire to her body,
    the official said. The three others were also slain. A
    senior Army official who also requested anonymity
    because the investigation is ongoing said one of the
    victims was a child .

  8. We American invade others and convict their leaders on “command responsibility”, but when it comes to ourselves, rule of law does not apply, and a few goons are slapped on the wrist.

    Media around the world have been reporting atrocity US military is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan including rape for years.

    This is but the tip of the iceberg.

  9. “We American invade others and convict their leaders on “command responsibility”, but when it comes to ourselves, rule of law does not apply, and a few goons are slapped on the wrist.

    Media around the world have been reporting atrocity US military is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan including rape for years.”

    That’s absolutely right. And it’s disgusting to hear the apologists making excuses for the murder and mayhem our government and their henchmen commit while the AmeriKKKan sheeple wave their flags and stick more Chinese made support our troops ribbons on their SUVs while their government masters spy on them and continue to rape the Bill of Rights. The American sheeple richly deserve the fascist police state that is being delivered to them.

  10. 1) “Sheeple” terminology is the enemy of freedom. I’ll let that be digested and thought over. Even if you agree with the sentiment, its *expression* is the outright enemy of Liberty, and must be abolished and eliminated.

    2) To those whom believe that those responsible are being punished… a) It took, in the case of this rape incident, a general’s direct countermanding of the standing order to NOT investigate this incident further — AFTER A CONFESSION — to make this investigation occur.

    Where’s the indictment of those who give the commands that directly cause/permit these atrocities?

    I know I go on rants about this, but it says something vital that Donal Rumsfeld still publicly advocates torture. It *ALSO* says something that President Bush has repeatedly used signing statements to retain torture as a viable “item in the tool-box” — despite repeated direct resolutions against it.

    From the common man to our leaders, there is something wrong, *EVIL*, with this.

  11. One more thing to chew on. We are the ones who fund this. This bastard government steals what represents over 40% of everything I make in taxation of one form or another to fund these and other immoral activites. Can you imagine the people who founded this country tolerating this?