Prudish FCC and Obscene Networks

The Ministry of Truth Federal Communications Commission is at it again, but the television networks are starting to fight back in the courts.

The lawsuits were filed a month after the commission issued about $4 million in fines, the first indecency actions under the leadership of the agency’s new chairman, Kevin Martin. Those fines included a record $3.6 million against 111 television stations that broadcast an episode of “Without a Trace,” a CBS program, in 2004. The agency said the show had suggested that its teenage characters were participating in a sexual orgy.

I saw the episode in question. A crime drama that shows teens drinking and having sex is not porn; this is. Everyone but the ‘tards at the FCC knows the difference, too.
If the major television networks are so upset about censorship, perhaps they should also take an inward view of how little they cover third party politics. They could at least get the ratio of third party to mainstream political coverage up to the level of vote totals in recent elections. The lack of media coverage is clearly more obscene than any pornography out there.